Camp Coker Pond

You Found the Mystery Location

The Coordinates Took Us to a Pond with an Island in the Middle.

You Found the Final Set of Coordinates.

You dig in the exact location of the coordinates, but nothing is here.

However, there is a huge pile of rocks just like we saw at one of the previous locations. This pile of rocks is running west to east. The prior rock pile was running south to north. So, the treasure location must be a combination of latitude and longitude from the two locations with the rock piles.

“X” Does Really Mark the Spot

Look for the intersection of the two points with the rock piles. All the coordinates entered so far have been listed below. Combine the correct coordinates to find the treasure location!

  • Miami: 25.777861, -80.185278
  • Jamaica: 17.994517, -76.952190
  • Bahamas: 25.073720, -77.306000
  • Charleston: 32.816153, -79.897857
  • Camp Coker: 34.550110, -79.897857
X Marks the Spot