Choose Your Captain and Name Your Ship

Every group of marauders needs a good leader. Choose your ship captain.

Your team captain will need to share his/her screen and manipulate the challenges for the group. So choose someone logging in from a laptop/computer and who is fairly technical.

Just in case your your Captain falls ill or... has an accident along the way, you may also want to vote on a "First Mate" to help navigate the waters.

Team Captain, enter your details above. Then share your screen and answer the following questions as a group.


Combine two or more of the items above to create a unique name for your team's ship.

The team with the best ship name will receive a 30-second headstart on the treasure hunt. If you have trouble piecing together a great name, try using a second favorite pirate phrase. Here are some examples The Hasty Tortuga, The Red Marauder of the Deep, Captain Joe's Winning Daiquiri, or The Black Terror of the Tide.