Congratulations. You Have a Ship to Sail

Well Done! You Can Now Leave the Breakout Room and Return to the Main Session for Instructions.

Paste the starting coordinates from the dossier into Google Maps. Then, in the lower-left corner of the map, you will see a square that will change to a satellite view. If the coordinates are correct, you will have a map marker over your ship in the harbor. Google Maps will change the format to one that looks like this: 00.000000, -00.000000. The first coordinate is the Latitude and runs North to South. The second coordinate is the Longitude and runs East and West.

Each of the numbers below will be two-digits followed by a decimal point and six more digits. The Longitude needs a minus sign in front of it. No comma is needed below.

When You Have Your Starting Location Coordinates, Enter Them Here to Start Your Navigation Console.