Virtual Rescue Bear Header

Welcome to the Virtual Rescue Bear ® Activity

Rescue Bear ® is a Teddy Bear Team Building Activity that gives comfort to kids in trauma while building teamwork in your group. This program is both a team building event and a leadership development workshop.

Our Goals for the Activity Are To…

  1. Build an Even Stronger Team
  2. Help a Few Kids Who Have Experienced Life Events that No One Should Have to Experience
  3. Have a Ton of Fun in the Process.

A Few Things that Can Help Improve Your Experience.

  • Although you can login to the activity with a phone or tablet, people tend to have a better experience on a computer to laptop.
  • You will need to have audio and video active to participate.
  • If you are having audio problems, you can use the dail-in option (versus online option). Please don’t login a second time on a different device. (This will cause your voice to be on one team and your image in another.)