You Chose to Persuade Someone with a Key to Open the Door for You.

Find a Key

Your Mini-Team Is Determined by Your Choice Above.

Your instructor will open up new breakout rooms in just a second. You will get to choose what mini-group to join. You will want to choose the group that says…

[Your Team Name] — KEY

When Your Full Mini-Group Is Assembled, Click Here
In your small group, please complete the following tasks. You have six-minutes. When you complete the tasks, you can LEAVE GROUP to return to the main session.

Mini-Group Tasks

  • Choose a Mini-Group Captain. This will be the person who will share his/her screen with the group to complete the team tasks.
  • Choose a Mini-Group Spokesperson. This will be the person who will report to the full group what answers you came up with. (This can be the mini-group captain if you like.)
  • Determine Your Similarities. If your first reaction was to find someone with a key to let you in, your group probably has similar personality characteristics. Determine three to five personality characteristics that the entire group shares.
  • Determine at Least One Common “Pet Peeve“. Find a common thing that annoys each of the group participants.

*** If, during the discussions above, you find that you closely relate to the items discussed among the whole group, you are in the correct mini-group. If you find, however, that you are the odd-person-out on some of the items, you might want to choose a different mini-group. The team tasks are geared toward the natural strengths of the personality of the group. ***

When Your Team Has All Four Items Completed, Team Captain, Complete the Form Below.

Only one person on your team needs to verify that each challenge is complete. We suggest that either the team captain or someone who will be sharing his/her screen should complete the form below. If multiple team members complete the form, then you could submit contradictory answers which may slow down the scoring of the activities.