Team Captain Submitted
Team Captain, Here Are a Few Tips to Help Your Team:
  • In Zoom, Scroll to the Toolbar and Click SHARE to Share Your Screen. (If You Do This Now, Your Team Can Also Read the Tips.)
  • Your Team Will Need to View Each Challenge to Be Able to Help Solve the Challenge. They Will Use Your Screen Share to View the Challenges.
  • Make Sure that Your Team Spokesperson Has the Similarities and Pet Peeve Identified. He/She Will Give a Short Report Soon.
  • Leave this Browser Screen Open, But Have You and Your Team Return to Zoom and LEAVE ROOM to Return to the Main Session.
When Your Team Is Ready, Return to Zoom and Leave Room

If you found this on your own, congratulations. You are very clever. However, you still need to join the main session for final instructions. If your instructor gave you directions, congratulations. You follow directions very well.

Earn Your Rescue Bear as a Team

Challenge #1 Earns Your Bear Skin

Find a single word (lowercase) that each of the three items has in common. Once you enter a correct lowercase word and click the ENTER key, the next answer field will magically appear.

A Ball | A Fish | A Cold

A Ball | A Salad | A Coin

A Cork | A Question | A Balloon

A Bottle | A Baseball Player | A Mushroom

A Bell | A Mouth | A Shoe

Tug of War | A TV Newscast | A Boat

Fog | A Jack | A Bodybuilder