Fun In-Person Charity Activities (25-50 People)

These Eight Options Best Fit Your Criteria for an Event!

The prices listed below are estimates based on the criteria that you entered. We have options for this group size ranging from $2,250 – $4,000. However, for events like this, you can alter the price dramatically by altering the charity donation. (The bigger the donation, the higher the cost and vice-versa.) So, if you have a specific budget you are trying to reach, call us at (800) 872-7830 for options.

BuildABike Price for In-Person 25-50 people
Amazing Builders Custom Charity Team Activity for 25-50-People
Team Murder Mystery Price Quote for 25-50 People
Rescue Bear Team Activity for 25-50 People
My Rich Uncle Team Escape Room for 25-50 People
Team Game Show Price Quote for 25-50 People
Team Mini Golf for Charity Price for 23-50 People

* Charity Donations for My Rich Uncle, Charade Murder Mystery, Camaraderie Quest, and I’m In It to Win It are optional. Prices quoted do not include this donation. Any donation to charity added to one of these events must be added to the total to get an accurate price quote.

Select Your Event and Your Preferred Length of Time.

Can’t choose? Don’t worry, your account manager will give you options in a printed document (usually by the end of the day.) Just select the one event below that you like best.