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Your Team Deserves To Have Fun

“We want some fun team building… However we really want fun.. team building.” Let’s face it. Most meetings are BORING! Sometimes, we just want to have a little fun. If your main reason for organizing a team building activity is to have some fun, then these activities are a perfect choice! Now there is still a little team development in these activities, but on a scale of fun versus training, these programs tip the scale more on the entertainment side. (Okay, we are still trainers at heart, so we will make sure that your team gets great value from these events. However, they will have an absolute blast!)

Just For Fun Events

I’m In It to Win It

Want to build your team while playing a fun game show? I’m In It to Win It will be the perfect choice for your team building event! Modeled off of the NBC Show “Minute to Win It”. This is a very engaging event that your company will surely enjoy. 

Camaraderie Quest

Do you think your team will benefit from an outdoor adventure that boosts camaraderie? This quest will get everyone engaged and using their critical thinking skills. choose this event for your team and they will thank you for it later.

My Big Fat Greek Team Building Event

Want to have a little fun during the next corporate cocktail party? Well, how about My Big Fat Greek Team Building Event? Based on the hilarious movie, your team will unknowingly be active participants in a fun and funny ad-lib wedding reception.  

Comedy Improv

Is your team ready to laugh? This event is for the fun and light hearted team that is wanting to raise its spirits even further. Your team will be talking about this event for years to come because of all the bonding and enjoyment that it will bring.

Kids Quest

The Kids Quest team scavenger hunt is a version of the Camaraderie Quest where a charitable donation is made to a children’s charity at the conclusion. This is a fun way to get out of the office and build teamwork while building your community.

My Rich Uncle

One of the most engaging events is an escape room. My Rich Uncle is an escape room styled corporate event that will surely engage your entire team. Your team will learn to work together in news easy and form a bond that will last a lifetime. 

Who Wants to Feud?

TV Game shows are a fun way to reinforce content from meetings. If done well, a custom TV game show can also build camaraderie and teamwork. These games can be used in a variety of different ways according to your needs. 

Robin Hood Tag

Sometimes, you just want to shoot your coworkers. Now you can. Robin Hood Tag is an alternative to laser tag that is much less messy than paintball. The great news is that the activity is portable. All you need is a little open space, and we take care of the rest.

Museum Quest

We have to admit that The Museum Quest is one of our favorite team building activities. It has all of the fun and camaraderie building aspects of a traditional scavenger hunt, but the activities are in a confined area and indoors.

X Idol's Got Talent Show

The X Idol’s Got Talent show began as just a 15-minute “set-up” activity in our Build-A-Bike ® program years ago. We used to have teams organize a team cheer and have a cheer contest complete with “American Idol” style judges.

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