Fun Team Activities for Just about Any Sized Group.

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A team participating in a fun team building event.

Your Team Deserves To Have a Fun Team Building Event!

“We want some fun team building… However, we really want fun.. team building.” Let’s face it. Most meetings are BORING! Sometimes, we just want to have a little fun. If your main reason for organizing a team building activity is to have some fun, then these activities are a perfect choice!

Now there is still a little team development in these activities, but on a scale of fun versus training, these programs tip the scale more on the entertainment side. (Okay, we are still trainers at heart, so we will make sure that your team gets great value from these events. However, they will have an absolute blast!)

Here are some of the best team building activities for adults!

Fun Team Building

At The Leaders Institute ®, we are the team building experts. We specialize in not only making boring meetings fun but also helping corporate teams discover the strength they posses by working together. It’s not enough to have your team work together to solve problems. They have to be having fun along the way! We know that people learn better and much faster when they are having fun. That is why we created fun team building events and activities for corporations large and small.

We know that your business makes a huge impact on the world. For that reason, we want to make sure that your team is strong and working together efficiently to reach the goals set before them. Let’s get started!

Learn how fun team building events are great for competitive groups!

Group posing for a photo after a fun team building event called Build-A-Bike

Add Fun and Interaction to Your Meeting with these Fun Team Activities.

Charade Murder Mystery Team Building Game Murder Mystery The Charade Murder Mystery team building game starts off like any other game... until your boss falls to the floor as the murder victim!
Team Scavenger Hunt Camaraderie Quest Camaraderie Quest The Camaraderie Quest isn't your typical team building scavenger hunt. We customize it for every group and location!
I'm In It to Win It Game Show Team Building Activity I'm In It To Win It I’m In It to Win It is an interactive game show team-building activity where members compete for points while becoming a stronger team.
My Rich Uncle Team Solving the Escape Room My Rich Uncle My Rich Uncle is a challenging escape room team building game. Teams compete to unlock your wealthy uncle's briefcase and win his fortune.
Comedy Improv Training Comedy Improv If you're looking for a hysterical improv game for team building, the Comedy Improv Communication Team Building Activity is the answer.
Museum Quest Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Corporate Teams Museum Quest Museum Quest is an Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Corporate Team Building. It is a fun way to let your team compete and laugh working together

For a Little More Investment, Try a Charity Team Event.

Build-A-Bike Team Building Activity Build-A-Bike ® The Original Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Event is still the most popular charity team building activity in the world!
The Ace Race Mini Golf Team Building Activity Charity Ace Race ® This fun mini golf team building activity is a race to feed the hungry. But we have to warn you: competitive teams go wild over this game.
Rescue Bear Teddy Bear Team Building Activity Rescue Bear ® This Teddy Bear team building activity gives comfort to kids who have been through trauma while building teamwork in your group.
Amazing Builders Custom Charity Team Activity Amazing Builders The aMAZEing Builders is a team obstacle course race that develops great teamwork. It's also our most customizable charity activity.

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