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Virtual Team Building Activities and Games

Add a fun virtual team building activity or virtual team building game to your next virtual meeting. Over the past year, may folks have gotten well… “Zoomed out” or “Over-Zoomed.” That is, unless your team is having fun on their next Zoom call. Want you team to look forward to your next virtual meeting? Add a fun virtual team building activity to the agenda!

I don’t mean adding a pub-style trivia game or an office Olympics. If your activity seems cheesy or corny, it will turn your team off. Also, the secret to a successful virtual team game is to make sure that the entire team is active and participating throughout the entire game. The only way get your entire team to participate it to make them WANT to participate

The Best Virtual Team Games Aren’t Just Games

A really good virtual team building game is interactive, challenging, rewarding, and fun.

First, the game has to be interactive. Most Zoom meetings are boring because it is just a single person talking. If you aren’t careful, your team building game can have the same challenge. For instance, if you have a single host asking trivia questions to 30 people, the host will do a lot of the talking — not your team. (That’s why we don’t do them.) Our games make sure that ALL of your team is participating and laughing through the activity.

The second key to success is for the game to be challenging. This leads to a sense of accomplishment when the game is over. The third key is for the game to be rewarding. There has to be an emotional impact. A good team activity makes the team members happy to be a part of the group. Finally, the event has to be FUN.

Virtual Rescue Bear Team Building Game

Our Virtual Team Building Activities Check All the Boxes!

Bike Team Building Event

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Escape Room Team Building

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Teddy Bear Team Building

Rescue Bear ® Teddy Bear Team Building Activity 👍 Great for Groups that Are Experiencing Growing Pains. 📊 Improves Communication and...

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