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Virtual Team Building Activities During Quarantine

Virtual Team Building Activities that Get Rave Reviews Like These…

“The event presented was well beyond our expectations and the team is still buzzing about it today. I’d give it 10 stars!”
Mickey Goldwasser

VP of Marketing, Payrailz

Fun Team Building Is Why We Come Back

We Will Create a Custom “Team Building Experience” that Your Team Will Absolutely LOVE! ❤

We offer over a dozen base team building events. However, every event is customized to the specific needs (wants) of each group. So, your team facilitator will create something uniquely different for your group. No cheesy pub quizzes or office Olympics. Below are a few of our most popular activities. To see a list of all of our base team building events, click here.

My Rich Uncle Virtual Team Escape Room

My Rich Uncle Virtual Escape Room

👍 Great for Teams that Love to Solve Problems
📊 Improves Remote Collaboration and Critical Thinking.

The bad news is that your eccentric and extremely wealthy great-great uncle has passed away. (However, he lived to be 108 years old, so there is that.) The good news, though, is that he liquidated his entire estate and left the proceed in a locked briefcase. His Last Will & Testemant states that whoever can unlock the briefcase will inherit his entire estate.

In the My Rich Uncle Virtual Escape Room, you and your team are in a race to unlock the six-digit code and become wealthy beyond all your dreams. Your Uncle, Roland N. Cashe, left all of the clues in his personal documents. Can you find them before the other teams do?

⏰ 1.5 Hours | 👥 6-150+ People | ℹ More Information

Poseidon's Plunder Virtual Team Treasure Hunt

Poseidon’s Plunder Virtual Team Treasure Hunt

👍 Great for Competitive Teams that Love History
📊 Improves Remote Delegation and Team Problem Solving.

Shiver me timbers! In the early 1700s, Privateers were hired to plunder merchant ships delivering goods to rival colonies in the new world. After peace treaties were signed, some of these marauders continued their raiding for their own personal benefit. One of these scoundrels was very successful. That is until a fleet of frigates sunk his ship. Legends say, though, the sinking of his ship was a false flag to cover up his escape.

In Poseidon’s Plunder, your team will attempt to retrace the trips of this pirate. The more that you discover along the way, the closer you get to reclaim the lost treasure! It’s like a tropical vacation for your team!

⏰ 1.5 Hours | 👥 6-150+ People | ℹ More Information

Charade Virtual Murder Mystery

Charade Virtual Murder Mystery

👍 Great for Teams that Have Thought about Killing their Boss (Just Kidding.)
📊 Reinforces Attention to Detail and Increases Camaraderie.

What starts out as the typical Zoom meeting takes an unexpected turn when one of your executives dies suddenly on screen. Everyone on the call is both a witness and a suspect. Your entire team is divided into CSI groups to solve the mystery that unfolded right before everyone’s eyes. We provide all the clues, your team provides all the laughs.

In The Charade Murder Mystery, your team will need to analyze clues, uncover leads, and interrogate suspects to bring the culprit to justice.

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 6-70 People | ℹ More Information

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