29 Best Team Building Activities to Build Teamwork at Company Meetings

Team Building Activities that Create Great Memories

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The Best Team Building Activities Create Experiences (Memories.)

The absolute best team building activities aren’t actually games or exercises. They are team building experiences that build teamwork and morale. By the way any activity can do this. However, there are a few team activities that are time-tested and audience approved and that also generate a fantastic emotional response from the group.

You won’t find any cheesy trust falls or visits to dude ranches in this list. This list of team building exercises was hand-picked by our team of professional speakers and facilitators. Your team will love them! (Uuhh, the events, I mean, but you’ll probably love our facilitators too. ;-))

A List of All of Our Fun Team Building Events.

Charity Team Building Activities – Best for Large Groups.

Build-A-Bike Team Building Activity Build-A-Bike ® The Original Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Event is still the most popular charity team building activity in the world!
The Ace Race Mini Golf Team Building Activity Charity Ace Race ® This fun mini golf team building activity is a race to feed the hungry. But we have to warn you: competitive teams go wild over this game.
Rescue Bear Teddy Bear Team Building Activity Rescue Bear ® This Teddy Bear team building activity gives comfort to kids who have been through trauma while building teamwork in your group.
Amazing Builders Custom Charity Team Activity Amazing Builders The aMAZEing Builders is a team obstacle course race that develops great teamwork. It's also our most customizable charity activity.

Fun Team Activities for Any Sized Group

Charade Murder Mystery Team Building Game Murder Mystery The Charade Murder Mystery team building game starts off like any other game... until your boss falls to the floor as the murder victim!
Team Scavenger Hunt Camaraderie Quest Camaraderie Quest The Camaraderie Quest isn't your typical team building scavenger hunt. We customize it for every group and location!
I'm In It to Win It Game Show Team Building Activity I'm In It To Win It I’m In It to Win It is an interactive game show team-building activity where members compete for points while becoming a stronger team.
My Rich Uncle Team Solving the Escape Room My Rich Uncle My Rich Uncle is a challenging escape room team building game. Teams compete to unlock your wealthy uncle's briefcase and win his fortune.
Comedy Improv Training Comedy Improv If you're looking for a hysterical improv game for team building, the Comedy Improv Communication Team Building Activity is the answer.

Team Training Seminars (Best to Fix a Team Challenge.)

The Leaders Institute Assessment Workshop Team Assessment The Performance Assessment Workshop is a team assessment used to identify areas of training that will create the most dramatic impact.
Creating a Team Culture Customizable Classroom Sessions Creating a Team Culture Need to improve company culture and cultivate respect among coworkers and managers? The Creating a Team Culture workshop can help!
High Impact Leaders Leadership Course High Impact Leaders Leadership Course The High Impact Leaders Leadership Development Course is a powerful leadership course that helps participants become more confident managers.
Fearless Presentations The Fastest Easiest Way to Eliminate Fear Fearless Presentations The Leaders Institute offers public speaking training designed to help you eliminate your speaking fears within days.
Unlock Leadership Potential Unlock Your Potential This first session of the High Impact Leaders course is designed to help participants realize they're capable of far more than they think.
Communicate with Self-Confidence and Poise Communicate with Self-Confidence and Poise The way you introduce yourself is sometimes even more vital than the presentation itself, which is part of what we go over in this workshop.
Identifying Your Individual Leadership Strengths Identifying Your Individual Leadership Strengths Your team will learn to identify and maximize their individual leadership strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses.
Building Trust and Communication Skills Build Trust and Communication Skills This session offers ways for participants to build trust, improve listening skills, and reduce criticism in the workplace.
More Effective Meetings Meetings are necessary in the business world, but most companies have way too many. We'll teach skills you how to do more with less meetings.
Dealing with Difficult People Dealing with Difficult People Participants in this session will learn time-test leadership skills that will make dealing with difficult people easier.
Design Entire Presentations Quickly Design Entire Presentations Quickly Most need weeks to design a great presentation, but this session will show you how to design your entire presentation in just minutes.
Coaching and Mentoring Skills Coaching and Mentoring Skills In this session, we teach your leaders how to coach and mentor their team members in a step-by-step format.
Adding Enthusiasm and Power to Your Communication Adding Enthusiasm and Power to Your Communication In this workshop, we'll teach you how to add enthusiasm and power to your communication in order to become a stronger speaker.
Improve Leadership Skills Build the Next Generation of Leaders Our leadership training programs will help you gain the skills to be noticed as a strong and confident leader.
Become an Organized Leader Become an Organized Leader This session helps leaders become more organized by helping them develop time management skills and plan more effectively.
Communicating and Leading Under Pressure Communicating and Leading Under Pressure This session helps leaders learn to communicate and lead while under pressure, to better prepare them for challenging situations.

Virtual Team Activities

Poseidon's Plunder Virtual Treasure Hunt Poseidon's Plunder (Virtual) This escape room team building game isn't your typical virtual team treasure hunt. Race to uncover all the clues and find the gold first!
My Rich Uncle Virtual Escape Room Virtual My Rich Uncle This virtual escape room will make your next Zoom team building event a hit! Teams compete in a race to unlock your rich uncle's briefcase.
Charade Murder Mystery Team Building Game Virtual Murder Mystery This virtual murder mystery is a fun way to jazz up a Zoom team building meeting. Everyone in the meeting is either a witness or suspect.
Virtual Build-A-Bike Team Activity CTA Virtual Build-A-Bike ® This is the virtual version of the Build-A-Bike ® team-building activity. This version has all the team building and a more emotional ending!

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