Developing Strong, Confident Team Building Leaders

The Leaders Institute ® is an international seminar and team building company. We specialize in the “soft skills” side of businesses. Our instructors and trainers are experts in developing strong, confident leaders. We have worked with many fortune 500 companies and independent businesses around the world. We also work towards purposefully shifting and creating fun, high-energy corporate cultures for client companies.

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We specialize in the following areas:


Corporate Training Classes

Public Speaking

Presentation Training

Leadership Development

Management Skills

Selling Skills and Lead Generation


Team Building Company and Special Events

Event Planning

Team Building Workshops

Corporate Retreats

Convention Keynotes and Breakout Sessions


Corporate Culture Development

Performance Assessments

Corporate Consulting

Change Management

Succession Planning

Curriculum Mapping

Our Expert Advice

Our team building trainers and consultants can provide expert advice. We also provide assistance in helping develop the type of leaders and communicators that you want within your company. Corporate cultures will be created within companies whether you purposefully set out to create a culture or not. With the help of The Leaders Institute ®, you’ll be able to purposefully create the culture that you, your team, and your clients want to create. By choosing a company like us, you are also choosing to support many charities around the country. We won’t stop until we have helped communities all across America become better teams.

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