Virtual Activities for Smaller Groups

These Options Are a Best Fit a Smaller Virtual Group!

For groups of under 24 people, virtual escape rooms or fun breakout session training work very well. These activities are cost effective for smaller groups. Prices for these activities start at $1,000. The prices below are the maximum fee we would charge for each virtual team activity. But most the smaller the group, the less the fee is. So reach out to one of our instructors for a more accurate quote.

My Rich Uncle 0-24 Virtual
Virtual High Impact Leaders Workshop
Poseidon's Plunder Virtual Escape Room for a Small Group
Creating a Team Culture Virtual 0-24
Virtual Fearless Presentations Workshop-Small Group

Virtual Breakout Sessions for Small Groups

Select Your Event and Your Preferred Length of Time.

Can’t choose? Don’t worry, your account manager will give you options in a printed document (usually by the end of the day.) Just select the one event below that you like best.