5 Expert CSR Insights to Boost Your Corporation’s Image

Cayla Thompson  |  February 20, 2020
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Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

Many business owners in the US may have not realized the importance of corporate social responsibility or taken advantage of the power of philanthropic events and what they can do to improve your corporate culture, as well as your business’s public image. We started out because of the passion we have for making an impact on local communities across the nation. We help businesses find local charities to donate to and connect with on a public level.

Corporate social responsibility is our passion, and we want to encourage even more businesses to take hold of the power they have to not only build up communities but also to build up their teams! Our mission has always been on improving the leadership skills of individuals as well as improving team culture. While at the same time, supporting charities and communities. A lot of business owners may be wondering why they are not more popular than some of their close competitors.

“Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails”

It very well could be that those companies have already taken advantage of what CSR can do, and have been working on it for years. Choosing a philanthropic team-building event for your group to partake in can be beneficial to your company in many ways. You may be asking yourself, so what are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

We wanted to compile a list for you to be able to easily see all the benefits as well as come up with ideas for increasing your own CSR impact.

Charity Team Building Events Boost Morale

Top 5 Tips For Implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility System:

1. Define your company’s mission and goals

Depending upon your unique brand and what your products or services are, you will have a unique mission statement and message that you are trying to get across to the public. Now more than ever, potential clients are looking for companies that are doing good in the world. Not only that, but people also want to use companies that have something to add to the collective improvement of the world.

2. Find a weakness within your team to improve

Many teams do not work together on their own very well, and sometimes it takes extra work from the leader of a team to bring everyone together. Each member of a group is different and will sometimes need more encouragement in order to work stronger together. This can be done by taking leadership development training. You could also try having your group partake in a charity team building event.

3. Find what types of issues your clients connect with the most

If you are working in a particular industry, you may have a client base that feels very passionately about a specific world issue or charity. Finding the right organization to contribute to can be crucial for developing a good CSR system. That’s because it will help your clients see you as a leading force to bettering the world. A good example of this is Amazon. They utilize their customer’s wide range of interests and preferences to give clients the option to donate 0.5% of the purchase amount to the charity of their choice.

4. Track the improvements brought on by your CSR efforts

Like all new business initiatives, it is important to track the ROI so that you can make sure that your company is moving in the right direction. If you notice an increase in business as a result of the new CSR system, then you can be confident moving forward.

5. Keep improving your CSR system

After you have completed your new corporate social responsibility system, it is important to think of the future. Ask yourself, in 10 years, will this be enough to improve or build upon our CSR initiatives? Will our target market still see value in this? If not, you may need to come up with alternate plans for future growth.

Corporate Social Responsibilty CSR Quote

The Bigger Your Company Becomes, The More Important the Need for a Unified CSR Program.

One thing that most large companies have in common is that they have a successful CSR program in place. These companies are usually on the Fortune 500 List and have been around for decades. For that reason, you should keep in mind one thing. That is, it’ll take time for your new system to boost your company’s financial income. However, you can rest assured that your public image will only get better. Not only that, you’ll win over the hearts and minds of your target audience, as well as diversify your company’s services from your competitors.

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