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The Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. It has also significantly changed the way that we interact with our team. Companies and people who can adapt quickly will thrive. However, if companies and the teams within these companies are slow to adapt in this rapidly changing environment, they will experience additional stress and challenges. The experts at The Leaders institute ® can help!

We’ve designed a series of interactive, live online training sessions that you can use to help your team thrive under stress. These webcasts will give your team a way to improve communication while teleworking as well as give your leaders tools to help them manage the team better from a distance. The world has fundamentally changed in just a matter of weeks. Your team has the opportunity to thrive in these challenging times!

These Remote Live Classes Are Perfect for Newly Created Remote Work Groups.

Our Most Popular Live Webcast Seminars During Coronavirus Shutdown

Custom versions of any of these sessions can be delivered for groups of 10 to 200 attendees. We offer 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute webcasts. Sessions work best when multiple sessions are scheduled with the same group with a week break in between each session. However, all webcasts are stand-alone modules.

For details about instructor availability or a quote for a session with your group, call our hotline at 1-800-872-7830. You can also complete the form below for a custom quote.

These Remote Live Classes Are Ideal for Groups During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Stress Reduction Remote Live Class During Pandemic

Tipping Point-Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity in an Uncertain World.

Uncertainty and constant change are causing high levels of stress in most industries. The stress, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad. It is the way that we deal with that stress that causes either a good or bad result. Change creates opportunity. If you can reduce the negative stress, you can accomplish great things while others are scrambling.

Items Covered in this Session: Warning Signs of Stress. | Protecting Yourself from Negative Outside Influences. |Adapting to Change to Produce a Positive Outcome. | Focus on Things w/in Your Control. | Balance Your Life. | Stress Reduction Techniques.

Leading a Virtual Team (Live Webinar)

Leading a Virtual Team

If you’re used to working with your team in an office environment, having your entire team working remotely can add complexity to the communication process. This live web session offers tips and strategies to managers, supervisors, and executive who are beginning to work remotely with a team.

Items Covered in this Session: Managing Performance Remotely. | 7 Ways to Build Trust and Rapport with Your Team. |Listening Skills and Communicating Over Technology. | Helping Your Team Set Goals and Work within a Schedule.

Live Online Team Building for Remote Teams

Social Distancing — How to Work as a Remote Team.

There is a big difference between going into an office every day and working from home. The better you prioritize and schedule your time, the more productive you will be. This live webinar covers a few simple things that you can do to improve communication when you aren’t physically face-to-face with your team. This online team building activity works great to build team culture!

Items Covered in this Session: Improve Your Performance and Efficiency. | 7 Ways to Build Trust and Rapport with Your Team. |Listening Skills and Communicating Over Technology. | Set Goals and Work within a Schedule While Working at Home.

Some of Our Other Live Online Team Building Sessions:

Unlock Your Potential
Communicate with Self-Confidence and Poise
Identifying Your Individual Leadership Strenths
Build Trust and Communication Skills
More Effective Meetings
Dealing with Difficult People
Design Entire Presentations Quickly
Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Adding Enthusiasm and Power to Your Communication
Build the Next Generation of Leaders
Become an Organized Leader
Communicating and Leading Under Pressure

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