Intralox Build-A-Bike® Event in Hanover, Maryland

Chad Davis  |  May 21, 2024
Intralox Build-A-Bike® Event in Hanover, Maryland

Intralox hosted a Build-A-Bike® charity team building event in Hanover, MD. Fourteen participants gathered for a unique session designed to bridge the gap between two separate team meetings. The aim was to emphasize the importance of teamwork, communication, and assertiveness. This event also supported Sarah’s House, a local charity.

Intralox is a global leader in conveyance solutions, serving a broad range of industries in over 100 countries. They specialize in innovative technologies such as Modular Plastic Conveyor Belting, ThermoDrive® technology, DirectDrive™ Spiral Systems, and Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) equipment. Intralox combines their cutting-edge products with engineering expertise, services, and global support. All backed by the strongest written performance and delivery guarantees. Their commitment to sustainable solutions ensures lasting value for their customers.

Intralox Employees Unite for Build-A-Bike® Event in Hanover, Maryland

The Build-A-Bike® event provided Intralox team members with a unique opportunity to enhance their teamwork and communication skills. Given the nature of their work, which required separate gatherings, this event was held on a Saturday to bring together one half of the team while the other half participated the following week. The focus was on building a high-performing team by leveraging each other’s talents, communicating effectively, and being assertive in problem-solving.

During the event, teams competed to be the first to correctly assemble a bicycle. The activity was designed to reinforce the key message of their meeting: the importance of teamwork, communication, and assertiveness. Despite the logistical challenges of having the team in the same room for only a brief period, the event successfully fostered a sense of unity and collaboration. The completed bicycles were donated to Sarah’s House, a charity dedicated to supporting families in need, further emphasizing Intralox’s commitment to community engagement.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Intralox for their generous contributions to Sarah’s House. Their dedication to teamwork and community service made this event a remarkable success.

Looking to enhance your team’s performance? Discover our engaging Build-A-Bike® charity team building activity in Hanover, MD!

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