SHI International aMaze-ing Builders® Team Event in Austin

Courtney Stearns  |  July 28, 2022
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SHI Amazing Builders in ATX
All the warm and fuzzies came out during a recent event in Austin! SHI International asked us to plan a customized Amaze-ing Builders. We loved working with both your team and the charity!

SHI helps to empower their clients through expert guidance, innovative technologies, and professionalism.Their various tools help clients find hybrid solutions to real-world challenges. They’re the whole package in global technology. In addition to their literal products like monitors and laptops, SHI also offers webinars and workshops to help you build skills.

Amazing Team Event with SHI in Austin

Prepare for a blind-fold race! Multiple mazes were taped off. Within each area, various items were spread out. Each maze was designated to a specific team. To begin, each team had a grocery list of required items. But, that’s too easy. So, each team named a person to walk through the maze- blindfolded. Still too easy. So, teams had to come up with a set of disguise words to replace the “normal” set of direction words. The blindfolded patron must follow their team’s directions and pick up the set of items needed. Bonus points for doing so the fastest!

The charitable ending comes after all required items are gathered. Heart to Heart in Austin graciously accepted the backpacks of goodies. They are a hospice organization with a program called Happy Wheels. This branch offers gifts to kiddos going through the grief process. Many adults in Heart to Heart are leaving behind family and Happy Wheels helps to ease the pain of that loss.

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