So is the correct spelling of a group development activity “teambuilding” or “team building”?

cowrokerslaughingweb Is “Teambuilding” a real word? Actually, no. When you cram the two words Team Building together, it actually creates a typographical error, and if you are using a word processor or blog program, you will likely get a red line underneath the version that has the two words jammed together.

So why do so many facilitation websites have an obvious typo strategically placed all over their websites? Easy. Because so many people make this mistake, that the owners of the websites will put both terms in the text of their websites just in case a potential customer mistypes the terms in a search engine.

Does it work, though? Somewhat. Search engines are so advanced now that they will likely pull up the websites with either version of the term, but many web masters want to play it safe just in case. So if you happen to be on a website using both terms, don’t blame them. They are just trying to make it easier for you to find them.

Regardless of which way you see the terms, do some research on any team building company that you choose to hire to facilitate an event for you. The very best companies will always be able to provide many references for you to call. Make sure and call each of them, though, because they will often only supply a limited number of their very best clients.