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Below are a few of our most popular team building icebreakers and team building games. These activities help build teamwork during meetings. The list below is just a sample of the free activities and games that can he used to add energy or fun to your next meeting.

Keep in mind that with smaller groups of people (25 people and below), just about any team bonding game or activity can be used as way to break up or add fun to a meeting or retreat. But as the group gets larger, the alternatives diminish significantly.

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Philanthropic Team Games and Activities

The charity team activities are definitely the most popular. However, unlike many on the lists below, these events are most costly to organize. Most companies hire a professional facilitator to deliver these events. Then, of course, the items that your team donates adds to the fee. However, if you want to build teamwork and create a team culture within your group, the return on investment is huge!

  • Build-A-Bike ® Team Activity: Team race against each other to earn bicycle pieces by solving team challenges. Once they accomplish the last task and receive the last part, they build a bike for charity. If possible, we also organize a children’s charity to bring kids to the event for an emotional ending!
  • The Ace Race ® Mini-Golf for Charity: Teams build an entire mini-golf course out of non-perishable food items. Then, they race through the course until a single team member gets a hole-in-one on each of the course holes. (Lots of energy and high fives!) Finally, we donate the food items to a local food pantry.
  • Rescue Bear ® Teddy Bear Team Building: This activity is a cross between a team service project and solid team development workshop. The facilitator divides the group into teams based on personality temperament. Each new group has specific strengths. However, to build all the bears, teams must realize that they need the strengths of each of the groups to succeed.
  • Amazing Builders Team Obstacle Course: The group must learn to communicate effectively to navigate their team members through an obstacle course. (Of course the team member in the course is blindfolded.) This event is highly customizable and can include just about any donated items.

Team Building Icebreakers

  • Paper Plate Team Building Exercise

    Paper Plate Team Building Exercise: The following is a fun team building icebreaker or team exercise to get a group of people to problem solve and work together. Set up 64 numbered paper plates in the following pattern on the floor. (You can use more or fewer numbered plates, but 64 seems optimal.) Any type ...

  • Ice Breaker Activities

    One of the most often request that we get from callers into our office is for ice breaker activities and team building games, so here are a few very simple team building ideas that you can do as an introduction to your meetings or as a way to breakup a larger meeting and add some ...

  • Using Memory Stacks as Fun Icebreakers

    Memory stacks are fun exercises that can be used as an icebreaker for a meeting or team activity. They are fun and interactive. The main thing that they do, though, is surprise the heck out of the audience. Most people don’t think they have a good memory. So, if you do this well, you ...

  • How to Choose a Great Icebreaker Activity

    Looking for some fun and interactive team building icebreaker activities? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing or choosing a team building icebreaker. When a group first gathers for a meeting, conference, or new activity, it is often a good idea, to begin with an icebreaker exercise. The main purpose of ...

Team Building Games

  • 12 Fun Corporate Team Outings to Get Your Team Out of the Office

    Companies often hire us to help them deliver team building events to build company culture at annual meetings. But what is the best way to keep morale high among team members in between big meetings? We are big believers in fun team outings — especially for smaller teams. The good news is that these team building ...

  • Christmas Team Building Activities to Build Morale and Fun at Work

    Looking for a great way to build the holiday spirit and morale in your workplace? These Christmas team building activities can help. I’ve broken these fun team-building activities into three main categories to make it easy to find the perfect team event for your group. First, we’ll talk about Christmas team building events for small groups. ...

  • Fun Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers to Build Teamwork

    Looking for some fun games to play on your next Zoom meeting with your coworkers and build more team culture? Look no further. Here are some of the best virtual games (both free and for a fee) that you can play with your virtual group. Zoom is currently claiming to have over 300 million daily ...

  • Instructions for Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Activity

    Since we created the Build-A-Bike ® team building activity in 2005, we have received thousands of requests to post the instructions for Build-A-Bike ® team building activity online. We’ve always been a little hesitant to post the instructions because we have spent over a decade creating a brand that the public recognizes as a quality ...

  • How to Pick the Best Team Building Event for Your Company

    One of the most common challenges that event planners or convention organizers encounter is picking the Ace Race Golf Team Building Event for each group that they represent. We always want to organize something new and fresh, and we often want to have a memorable experience that participants talk about for weeks or months. So ...

  • Free Team Building Activity-Playing Card Shuffle

    Here is a free team building activity that can insert a ton of energy into your meeting right as you get started. If you have a big group that you need to organize into smaller teams (or tables), The Playing Card Shuffle is a great way to do it. To setup the room in advance, ...

  • Resources: Tennis Ball Game

    The Tennis Ball Team Building Game: Divide the participants up into small groups of about six to eight people. Then, have them arrange themselves in a circle. Give a tennis ball to one person and explain the rules of the game: Each group is in competition with the other groups in the room. The group who ...

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Remember that just adding fun team building icebreakers to a boring meeting will not make the meeting fun. (It will help, though.) If you need help planning or organizing a meeting for your group, call one of our consultants, and we will help you! It’s always best to organize activities that have a track record of success for your specific group size and for your group’s culture and temperaments. Our consultants have worked with thousands of different groups, so let us be your safety net! Call us toll-free at (800) 872-7830 or click here to contact us via webform.

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