AAA Employees Attend Build-A-Bike® Event Near Los Angeles, California

Chad Davis  |  July 3, 2024
AAA Employees Attend Build-A-Bike® Event Near Los Angles, California

AAA organized a Build-A-Bike® charity team building event at the ACE Garage in Tustin, California. The event brought together 50 enthusiastic participants who engaged in a collaborative exercise to assemble bicycles for a good cause. Held in a stunning venue filled with antique cars, the event uniquely blended competition and teamwork.

AAA, renowned for its roadside assistance and travel services, is a trusted organization committed to ensuring the safety and convenience of its members. Beyond its core services, AAA actively engages in community initiatives, supporting various charitable causes to make a positive impact.

AAA Employees Unite for Build-A-Bike® Event Near Los Angeles, California

Overall, the Build-A-Bike® event enhanced the collaboration and problem-solving skills of AAA employees. The participants, known for their competitive spirit, initially attempted to solve the Build-A-Bike clues independently. However, they soon realized that teamwork and collaboration with other teams were essential for success. This shift in approach not only expedited the bike-building process but also fostered a stronger sense of unity among the participants.

The event culminated in the successful assembly of bicycles, which were donated to Miracles for Kids, a charity dedicated to supporting children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. The participants’ determination and teamwork ensured that the bikes were built efficiently and to the highest standard. The setting of the ACE Garage, adorned with antique cars, provided an inspiring and nostalgic backdrop, enhancing the overall experience.

We extend our sincere thanks to AAA for their generous contribution to Miracles for Kids. We also appreciate the stunning ACE Garage for hosting the event and providing such a unique and inspiring environment.

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