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Five Stars-222 Reviews

Kevin Lemmon, “The internal Survey results are in! This well-planned event from Leaders Institute was the highlight of this year’s Sales Kick-Off meeting. Your team knocked it out of the park with the Build-A-Bike event.”

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Build-A-Bike ® Charity Team Building Event

👍 Great for Big Groups (The Bigger the Better!)
📊 Improves Morale and Makes Meetings More Fun.

The Original Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Event is still the most popular Bicycle Team Activity in the world! This was the first charity team activity, and it started an entire industry. If you want to reward your team and create an emotional experience for them, this is the perfect team activity!

Over $4 Million worth of bikes have been donated to children in cities all over the world. In addition, this program generates more five-star reviews from participants than any other.

2 Hours | 👥 25-1000+ People | 💲 $55-$110/person

🖥️ Also available as a Virtual Build-A-Bike ®.

Build-A-Bike ® Is Much More Than Just a Charity Bike Build!

Bike build team building is what we do best. In fact, this activity is absolutely THE BEST way to get a group of people engaged, enthused, and energized.

“Wait… How can building bicycles be fun and engaging? Isn’t that just manual labor?”

The bicycle build is just a small part of the Build-A-Bike ® team building event. What makes this charity bike build so special is that we create an energetic and competitive shared-experience.

Then, we end by donating those bikes to kids from a children’s charity. It is the experience that makes the event fun.

Here Are a Few Recent Photos from Events.

JPMorgan Chase Build-A-Bike Team Activity New Jersey Medical Science Liason Society Charity Bike Build in Las Vegas Amplified Snacks Bike Build for Charity in Austin Texas Seven Hills Global Charity Bicycle Team Building Activity in Charlotte North Carolina ConvaTec Bicycle Team Activity for Charity in Tampa Florida

The Bicycles from the Event are Donated to Local Children’s Charities for an Emotional Ending.

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