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Build-A-Bike Charity Bike Team Building Activity

Build-A-Bike ® Charity Team Building Event

👍 Great for Big Groups (The Bigger the Better!)
📊 Improves Morale and Makes Meetings More Fun.

The Original Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Event is still the most popular Bicycle Team Activity in the world! This was the first charity team activity, and it started an entire industry. If you want to reward your team and create an emotional experience for them, this is the perfect team activity!

Over $4 Million worth of bikes have been donated to children in cities all over the world. In addition, this program generates more five-star reviews from participants than any other.

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 25-1000+ People | Virtual Available

Build-A-Bike ® Is Much More Than Just a Charity Bike Build!

Bike build team building is what we do best. In fact, this activity is absolutely THE BEST way to get a group of people engaged, enthused, and energized.

“Wait… How can building bicycles be fun and engaging? Isn’t that just manual labor?”

The bicycle build is just a small part of the Build-A-Bike ® team building event. What makes this charity bike build so special is that we create an energetic and competitive shared-experience.

Then, we end by donating those bikes to kids from a children’s charity. It is the experience that makes the event fun.

This Team Activity Is The Best Way to Get 5-Star Reviews from Your Group.

Five Stars-222 Reviews

Jeanne Talbot, “This event was the highlight of our marketing kickoff. Our team members were beaming with pride in the work we did together that was supportive of the local community. Having the four kids there to get their bikes and celebrate with us was just over the top. The instructor was fantastic. The team loved his sense of humor and engagement with the team. We would definitely turn to you and your team for future similar activities!”

“This was truly an amazing event! We could not have asked for a better event regarding team building! Thank you!”

-Christine Willer of Carhartt

“The facilitator was excellent! This client was a bit of a challenge and she was flexible with the flow of the event and ran her interaction with the volunteers in a fun and interactive way. Everyone had an excellent time and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it went.”

-Kristen McConnell of Business Volunteers Maryland

“The experience was terrific and the facilitation was excellent.”

-Rick Mirabile of Richard Mirabile, PHD

“Our facilitators are amazing! Thanks to them for making our day a huge success! I hope the kids loved the bikes and can’t wait to do more giving back in the future.”

-Suzanne Hetrick of Perimeterx

“BAB was a huge hit with our group! What a fun time for a worthy cause. We also sent out a survey post meeting and responses were positive that we are planning to do the food drive event next year. Huge shout out to our TLI Rep, she was amazing!”

-Kim Ayers of Insurance Designers of America

“The facilitator was great, and the event was a huge success.”

-Kim Sweeney of Redbox

“Awesome! Such a great feel-good activity. Highly recommend!”

-Kasey Plourde of Harvest Moon Events

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