Amazon Build A Bike in Washington

The company that brings you packages quickly and conveniently, Amazon, gathered its employees for a team-building event in Seattle, Washington. Members from Arizona traveled to Seattle and were able to explore the home office.

Amazon has opened 20 fulfillment centers in the Arizona area since 2017. Business is booming! Literally, Amazon is growing exponentially in the Phoenix area. As a result, the community is benefitting tremendously both in its profits and job creation. Most of us have used Amazon’s website to make a purchase. During this purchase, Amazon provides the option that your purchase benefits a charity. Similarly, the company wanted to lead by example by preparing a donation themselves.

Amazon Team Builds Bikes for Kids in Seattle.

At this event, many of Amazon’s participants were happy to come together to meet some of their team members for the first time. It should be noted, that their attitudes created an air of immeasurable enthusiasm. Attendees engaged in a team-building event where they put together a bike. The instructor assigned groups and gave each team clues. Then the teams answered clues. Next, a judge deems them correct (or wrong). If a team receives the green light, they earn one of 4 parts. Once they collect all four parts, they assemble their bike.

Employees graciously chose Bailey Gatzert Elementary School as their donation recipients. Bailey Gatzert is located in Washington and serves a community of low-income families. Just as we deserve the best, so do these kids.