Elmer Henderson Team Event
What a way to welcome in their new teachers and start off the year with a fun activity! Staff at Henderson, a Johns Hopkins Partnership school, hired a large group of new and energetic teachers.

They wanted to build some bond and camaraderie through our bike team event. Trying to teach in a disconnected team, just doesn’t work. So, what better way than to solve puzzles as a team and to donate to a good cause!

Their campus mission is to find and release students’ joy and passion while preparing them for an ever-changing world. An amazing accomplishment in October 2021, Henderson-Hopkins placed as one of Baltimore’s top public schools by “US News.”

The school’s namesake is legendary Baltimore educator, Elmer A. Henderson. He was a prominent figure in education. Using his talents in positions from teacher to vice principal, onward through the years all the way up to superintendent.

The staff split off into teams to better collaborate and get to know each other. In these teams, they figured out various puzzles and clues. Judges acknowledged their answers as correct or wrong. Based on the judgment, teams earned pieces that upon assembly created a bike. It was decided that the bikes be utilized by their students.