Jenna Lange International Build-A-Bike® Event in Seattle, WA

Chad Davis  |  October 2, 2023
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Jenna Lange International Build-A-Bike® Event in Seattle, WA Lange International came together for a Build-A-Bike® event at the iconic Meta building in Seattle, WA. Comprising 25 participants, the event’s aim was to strengthen their interpersonal skills, post a recent personality type workshop. With bustling Seattle as their backdrop, they engaged in lively competition to build bikes for Bailey Gatzert Elementary School.

Jenna Lange and her team at Lange International are renowned for their expertise in coaching and consulting executives in high-stakes communication skills and strategies. With over 15 years of experience that spans across industries, countries, and numerous business challenges, Jenna has a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances in the world of communication.

Lange International’s Build-A-Bike® Initiative in Seattle, Washington

Just that morning, the team had learned about their personality types. They were eager to put what they learned into practice into the Build-A-Bike® event. The spirit of competition was evident among the participants, despite the event’s non-competitive nature. Their determination was palpable, with many showcasing their competitive streaks, resulting in an energetic and determined atmosphere. This provided a light-hearted but meaningful discussion about recognizing when to be competitive and when to approach situations collaboratively.

Bailey Gatzert Elementary School expressed immense gratitude for the bike donations. With many children in dire need, the generous contributions made by Jenna Lange’s team were both timely and impactful. Their commitment to the school and the wider community was evident, and the event stood as a testament to the team’s dedication to positive impact and community outreach.

A heartfelt thank you to Jenna Lange and her team at Lange International for their generosity and the significant difference they’ve made for the children at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School.

Are you ready to build not just bikes but bridges of connection and community engagement? Engage in one of our team-building events in Seattle, WA today!

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