Seagen’s Amazing Builders Event in Scottsdale, AZ

Chad Davis  |  September 29, 2023

Seagen assembled its West team for an unforgettable Amazing Builders event. Hosted at the stylish Andaz Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, 50 dedicated participants came together. They seamlessly blended the seriousness of their mission with the joy of team-building and community service.

Seagen stands at the forefront of innovation in the realm of cancer treatment. Seagen, with a laser-sharp focus on advancing late-stage clinical trials, aims to expand its robust portfolio both domestically and internationally. The company’s unwavering commitment is aimed at transforming the health scenario for countless individuals grappling with cancer. Pioneering in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), Seagen’s groundbreaking technology aims to deliver potent cell-killing agents directly to malignant tumor cells. Their journey, rooted in research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of targeted cancer therapeutics, is driven by a singular vision: to enhance the quality of life and longevity of those battling cancer.

Seagen Teams Up for Team Building and Charity in Scottsdale, Arizona

Gathering its West team for a day of training, Seagen ensured that the event wasn’t just about enhancing skills. It was also about forging and strengthening bonds. This team had not yet had the chance to become well-acquainted with each other. Despite it, the atmosphere buzzed with fun, energy, and enthusiasm. It was evident that the team shared a camaraderie that transcended mere professional interactions.

Beyond training, Seagen’s commitment to the larger community shone through. Aligning with the values of the company, the event also supported the Boys and Girls Club. Through the Amazing Builders challenge, the Seagen team bolstered their team spirit. Additionally, it contributed meaningfully to a cause that resonates with their core belief of improving lives.

We heartily appreciate Seagen for their dual dedication – to the advancement of cancer treatment and to the betterment of the community. Kudos to the spirited team, who proved that while their mission is serious, their heart is filled with fun, empathy, and generosity.

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