Mayo Clinic team Build-A-Bike® event in Phoenix, AZ

Courtney Stearns  |  January 10, 2023

Mayo Clinic Build-A-Bike team event in Phoenix, AZ Mayo Clinic convened for a morning meeting. This wasn’t your normal workday meeting, though. Staff participated in a charity team building activity instructed by Candace Cox. As an added feel-good to the fun, staff donated the items to a local children’s home in the area.

Though the clinic has changed and expanded over the years, its founder’s values stand true. They believe that the needs of the patient come first and help guide the plans and decisions made. Mayo Clinic is the largest integrated, not-for-profit medical practice group in the world. They are consistently rated for their high-quality patient care. These accolades reaffirm the legacy and tradition of each branch. Mayo’s mission is to inspire hope and contribute to the health and well-being of each patient through the best care.

Mayo Clinic Builds Bikes in Arizona

Staff covered a lot of ground during their afternoon. Attendees collaborated, communicated, competed, puzzled, and assembled together. Upon walking in, participants broke into teams. Each team ran through a set of clues. Their set of clues required a correct answer before a judge could give them their bike part. Surprisingly frustrating to some people. Mayo Clinic has troopers on staff and they laughed it off quite well. In the end, each team assembled a bike to be donated.

Furthermore, Mayo Clinic wanted a feel-good ending to their meeting by donating to Sunshine Acres, a local organization. They are a children’s home in Mesa, AZ. Additionally, the home’s mission is to provide a loving, wholesome home to kids separated from their parents.

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