Stellar Solutions Build-a-Bike Team Building in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Lisarezac  |  May 28, 2012
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Build-A-Bike Team Building At their annual company-wide meeting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Stellar Solutions reinforced the values of teamwork and giving back to the community by hosting a Build-A-Bike® team building event. With offices in California, Colorado and Virginia, a team of 120 rocket scientists participated in the competitive team building event. The annual meeting involved plans and goals for the upcoming year, as well as just having fun with co-workers from other locations. The fun, yet competitive, event challenged the engineers to find the best ways to work together to achieve the goals of the meeting and the Build-A-Bike® team building event. was the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bonds between employees.

While it might seem odd to challenge a team of aerospace engineers to build bikes, the event still very effectively managed to show how problems are more efficiently solved with teamwork and creativity. The teams face many types of challenges in order to get all the parts needed to build the bikes. The competition encouraged working together to find the best solutions for each challenge and these rocket scientists definitely rose to the challenge.

The event was held at the Steamboat Grand high in the Colorado mountains giving the Stellar Solution’s employees a beautiful setting to enjoy the activities. While everyone had a great time, the event also followed with their stand to give back to the community in a “tangible and recognizable way”. At the end of the event, Stellar Solutions donated 18 bikes to the local Boys and Girls club of Steamboat Springs. The challenges of the program give practical examples of how helping others helps everyone and the employees of Stellar Solutions showed how cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills can truly make a difference.

Any company, no matter what their size or industry can benefit from better teamwork and leadership skills. Thank you Stellar Solutions for a great time, your donation of 18 bikes and all your energy!

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