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ellenpatnaude  |  January 25, 2012
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Symantec Build-A-Bike San Jose California

Symantec Build-A-Bike ® team building event in Las Vegas, NV brings energy and fun to annual corporate retreat

As part of its annual conference in Las Vegas, Symantec included a Build-A-Bike ® team building event to add energy and fun with a philanthropic component. Symantec has been helping consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world for more than 25 years. With more than 18,500 employees in over 50 countries around the world, they have become one of the largest software companies out there. This annual conference in Las Vegas was for 200 software engineers from around the globe.

Build-A-Bike ® is a fast-paced, high-energy workshop that gives participants the opportunity to interact, compete, and ultimately work together to solve a series of challenges. Due to our competitive human nature, there is typically some skepticism at the notion that the teams need to collaborate to solve the challenges more efficiently. But this group was accustomed to working together across lines, and they rose to the challenge!

By the end of the event, they had built 30 bikes! Local kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Las Vegas came at the end of the event to receive the bikes.

If you want information about how your team can organize a “team bicycle build” click this link. For a list of all of the team building events and activities in Las Vegas, click here.

There was not a dry eye to be found! In the midst of all of the opulence and extravagance of Las Vegas, Symantec helped children who don’t have their own bikes to have hope.

“This was an amazing event! Ellen and her team pulled everything together flawlessly. And the children coming in at the end – well, I could barely see through my tears! We’ll definitely do this again!” — Ariana Glinski, Symantec

Everyone likes to give back to the community, especially to kids in need. Including Build-A-Bike ® in your next conference gives your employees the opportunity to do just that while adding energy, enthusiasm, and fun!

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