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Young Presidents Organization Christmas Build-A-Bike in St Louis, MO

YPO-jugglers-at-team-meetingWow, the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), created an incredible Christmas Build-A-Bike ® in St Louis, MO. In addition to the 18 bikes they were building and giving to local families, the YPO decided to adopt all the families and provide them with gift cards, beds, and many other presents. For several hours volunteers gathered the gifts to hide behind black curtains. YPO also hired jugglers, face painters, balloon sculptors, and a magician to entertain the many children who were invited to the event. (Hard to get a good photo of the acrobatics – those teens were in constant motion!) But even with all those enticements, many of the littlest children wanted to help their parents create cheers to celebrate their YPO spirit. Some small tykes even grabbed the microphone and led the song or poems.

Children and their parents gathered around the box of parts and began to build their bicycles. There were some mishaps – handlebars needed to be reversed and seats needed to be tightened but soon all the bikes passed inspection.

Each of the bicycles was labeled with the name of the recipient. When all the bikes were built a group of unicyclists led the local recipients into the gymnasium. Each child ran to find the bike with their name on it — a bike built specifically for them. Soon many children were trying out their bikes, riding circles around us. Then for the next surprise as the black curtain was unveiled and the families saw a mound of unexpected gifts. There were many tears.

The YPO Organizer mentioned to the instructor, “Thanks for all your work on the event and your flexibility.”

This Christmas Build-A-Bike ® took place at Cardinal Ritter College Prep, 701 West Spring St., Saint Louis, MO on December 6, 2015. Laura Lewis-Barr facilitated the fun!

Saavis Corporation Build-A-Bike St. Louis, Missouri

Build bike st louisSaavis Corporation, an IT technology company chose to hold the Build-A-Bike ® team event in St. Louis, Missouri to energize their team managers from the U.S. and around the world at their annual meeting. They were looking for a fun team event at the end of their conference to encourage their team to work together more efficiently. The majority of these managers only see each other a couple of times a year, so the company wanted to have a fun team event that would bond them and create a better team culture. Trisha Clay, the event coordinator selected the Build-A-Bike event to energize the group after their two day conference held this year in St. Louis, Missouri. After their conference ended in the late afternoon, the eager participants poured into the room where Build-A-Bike event would begin. The participants hurried to their respective equally divided teams where they would begin. The teams were then tasked to invent team flags and cheers and to compete with the other teams, with the winner awarded a head start to begin building the bikes. All the groups were instantly energized and feverishly working to compete with the other teams to create the best cheer an advantage in the competition. One by one the excited groups came up to the front of the room with their highly energetic and creative cheers to be judged on their performance. After the performances were over, the teams moved into the final phase of the competition, answering clues to obtain bike parts to complete the bikes. The teams learned to work together creatively and efficiently to solve their given clues as fast as they could to obtain the parts they needed to complete their bikes. You could see that the teams learned to inter-depend on the other groups in order to be successful.

When all bikes were finally completed, everyone formed a large group to celebrate the completed challenge. The bikes would ultimately then be given to the local charity of their choice and distributed to children. So if you are looking for a way to spice up your next convention or meeting with a charity component, then you will want to add a Build-A-Bike ® team event to end your conference to provide an energetic and positive experience.


Dairy Farmer’s Of America Gather For Build-A-Bike in St. Louis, Missouri

Three hundred employees from the Dairy Farmer’s of America gathered together in St. Louis, Missouri for a Build-A-Bike ® team building event. The participants were the board members, the elected officials of the association, as well as the employees of the association who are from regional offices all over the country.  The Build-A-Bike ® was part of their annual meeting held in different cities every year.  Every year the DFA finds a way to give back to the community.  Last year they spent an entire day cleaning up in the Ninth ward in New Orleans.  This year they had a limited amount of time but wanted to have just as big of an impact.  They decided on a Build a Bike and to build some bikes for local children in St. Louis.

Even dairy farmer’s have a competitive streak as demonstrated by the ones participating in this event.  When told this was not a competition they heartily defied this comment with great laughter.  That dairy farmer’s are out with cows all day is a misperception.  Today, dairy farmer’s are in the office as much as they may be out in the field so learning team building skills can benefit them greatly.  While dairy practices have modernized over the years, they still have the same goals to provide a safe, dependable, quality food product while maintaining a profitable business.  The dairy farmer’s brought this same passion and commitment to the Build a Bike event.  They cheered their hearts out and worked together to complete the puzzles to build 50 bikes in all. Not only did they build the bikes, they had fun and learned some new skill. All together, it was a good day.

The very happy recipients of these 50 bikes was the Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis.  The children arrived to 300 adults eager to meet them and give them their brand new Huffy bikes. They filed in to claim a bike of their own, along with a helmut and a bag of goodies from the association.  Not to mention a snack of milk,  cheese and yogurt.  It was a very good day for these children as well as the association who were able to give some of these children their first bikes.  We can’t wait to see what they do next year!

American Water Resources Camaraderie Quests in St. Louis, Missouri

Over 100 employees of American Water Resources came together for a unique team building experience in St. Louis, Missouri. AWR hosted two Camaraderie Quest Team Scavenger Hunts on consecutive days. The Camaraderie Quest is a high tech scavenger hunt in which the participants learn the importance of clear communications, alert observations, and having fun to build teamwork and camaraderie. The venue was The Old Courthouse and the Hyatt regency Hotel in St. Louis Missouri,. 10 teams one day and 6 the next had to find items, answer questions, take pictures and even make some videos in the different locations. It was a fun time of getting to know each other better while accomplishing a fun but difficult task.

The Camaraderie Quest Team Building Event can be a great opportunity to get out of the office and do a fun activity together. Especially when workers are in physical proximity, our interactions can become predictable and repetitious. We get used to seeing each other in certain surrounding, working on similar tasks, doing the same things and in the same environment. We do a good job and it becomes routine, which can be dangerous. That is one reason the group from AWR came together- first as a reward for a great year, but also to spurn on excellent continuation of the progress made. When we get out of those surroundings and get to know each other little better we get new insight into each others personalities and a different revelation of what other individuals are like. We also get to expose our selves to others and prosper form being a little more vulnerable. These can produce positive growth in each individual and so foster growth within the team and the entire organization. The theme for the days meetings was “Gateway to the Future”.

Thanks to American Water Resources for a great Camaraderie Quest Team Building Event. What a great way to have fun, see each other in a little different light, and learn some great team building skills.

For details about a Team Building Event in St Louis, click here.

Regal Beloit Build-A-Bike Event in Springfield, Missouri

What happens when over 50 team members of Regal Beloit get together for team building and fun? 8 children from the Springfield area Big Brothers and Big Sisters program get brand new bikes! Regal Beloit held a Build-A-Bike® Team Building Event in Springfield, Missouri, that ended with the bikes they built during the activities being given to area children. The event was a lot of fun and this competitive group enjoyed the activities that had them participating in several activities that culminated in 8 bikes being assembled and given away. The Regal Beloit people we’re very active and their competitive sides came out as they saw each activity as a real competition and worked hard to win. The fun and laughter were infectious, and they even learned a few lessons along the way. It was a wonderful experience and the Regal Beloit participants were a great group to work with. 

One of the real lessons was to observe the groups as they learned that competition can be very valuable if it brings out the best in everyone. But often we allow our competitive side to come out when there really isn’t any competition- and that can result in dreadful outcomes. We often work in different departments, different locations, and different divisions; there are many situations that segment a company. (This group had local participants from Springfield as well as from St. Louis and Kansas City.) So we are often competing with limited personnel, limited HR resources, limited funding, and other resources. When we see our sector as being in competition with others within one company that competition can actually hurt the overall company. In fact, we need to be reminded that it is one company and that hurting one part is hurting the whole. The whole company cannot prosper if one part’s competition hurts another.

In the Build-A-Bike event the goal was to build the bikes, all eight of them. It wasn’t to see which team could get done first, or which team had the fewest defects, but to get all the bikes completed and safety checked. The folks from Regal Beloit got it done, to the benefit of the children from Big Brothers Big Sisters. It was a great event, with great results. From our local St. Louis based instructors, thanks Regal Beloit!  

Nestle Purina Builds Bikes for Children in St. Louis, Missouri

Managers and Team Leaders of  Nestle Purina Pet Care from across the US and Canada came together in St. Louis for a series of meeting that included a Build-A-Bike Team Building Event. The morning activity was filled with fun, learning  and team building. Over 50 people built 8 bikes amidst the laughter salted with a little bit of instruction. Everyone enjoyed the activities that culminated in the  bicycles being donated to children from the Boys and Girls clubs of of Greater St. Louis. The children were present at the end of the program to accept the bikes- much to surprise the bike builders. It was a great feeling when those who had participated in the event got to see the children’s faces and talk with those who were receiving the bikes. It was a very touching moment to end a morning of fun and learning. 

Often times we get caught up in our own lives. We’re working; we have families, other activities and so many draws on our time. We forget that we also have opportunities to make a positive impact on lives around us if we will just stop and look around. Even in corporate programs it is easy to have meetings and training events, and forget the impact we can have not just within the organization, but within the community. When these special people came together it was to benefit others, not just themselves. They had their necessary meetings, but then they got an opportunity to relax, have fun and make a significant contribution to their community through the Build-A-Bike Team Building Event.

They also got to see everyone in a little different environment than usual. Especially since many of them work as virtual teams communicating through email and phone calls and conferences. This exciting event gave them face time with each other, as well as a fun and fast-paced atmosphere t enjoy and get to know each other. The added satisfaction of giving back to the community was an added bonus.

Thanks to Nestle Purina Pet Care for a great event and for your support of children and families in St. Louis. As this law firm experienced, it is possible, and even beneficial, to get together for some fun learning and make a contribution to those less fortunate.

World Acceptance Rescue Bear Team Building Gives Stuffed Animals to Hospital in St. Louis

World Acceptance, one of the largest small-loan consumer finance companies in the United States and Mexico, had its Missouri Managers together in St. Louis for a Rescue Bear ®Team Building Event. The Rescue Bear is a fun team event in which the end result is that stuffed animals are contributed to local charities that will use the animals in their work with children. In this case the end result was that 43 stuffed animals were donated by World Acceptance to the Barnes-Jewish-Children’s Hospital System in St. Louis, Missouri. The event was fast-paced and fun as teams had to work through situations and complete activities to gain the materials to make the animals.


The Rescue Bear Team Building Event participants from World Acceptance learned that cooperation is an important ingredient to team success. Individual team members need to learn to cooperate with each other as well as being able to contribute according to their specific talents and abilities. Team leadership is best when it is able to evaluate the members and help each grow in their specific areas of expertise so that they con offer the very best of their individual possibilities. Team leadership is not about control, but rather it is about being able to help each individual member do their best and make the most of their talents and abilities for the greater effort of the entire team. Team building is team member growth.


Thanks to World Acceptance for a great event and for making a significant contribution to the St. Louis area hospitals through their Rescue Bear Team Building Event.


Public Speaking Class Participants In St. Louis Workshop Move Toward Becoming Fearless Presenters

The Fearless Presentations ® public speaking workshop was held in St. Louis, Missouri where participants increased their presentation skills. The two day public speaking class focuses on diminishing the fear of public speaking while working to give an easy way to prepare a presentation that will relieve stress and at the same time streamline the preparation process. Many people have trouble preparing because the fear of making the presentation handicaps the efforts. This unique class begins by addressing the fear directly and then builds on that foundation to give each person the tools needed to prepare a concise, reliable and memorable presentation. During the class each participant gives 6 presentations that last from 45 seconds to 6 minutes.  During the presentations they get to put into practice the material covered and receive positive coaching from the instructor.

Many people think that public speaking is an art reserved for a few gifted people. But the truth is that anyone can improve their ability to do public presentations. Not everyone will become professionals, but everyone can learn what is necessary to help them become more competent in their ability and more confident in their delivery. The more introverted person can use their reliability and desire to get along with others to make great presentations and overcome they lack of boldness by understanding that people don’t perceive their nervousness and by effective preparation and practice. The shy, logic-oriented person can use their organization skills and attention to detail to prepare solid messages while overcoming their inclination to give to much information by beginning with the audience in mind and not writing their presentation out word of word.

The outgoing, people-person learns that they can keep the fun and energy while at the same time adding more organization to their presentations by using a structured preparation plan and making sure do the necessary research to be an expert on the subject while refusing to just “wing it.” The more dominant outgoing person can prepare well and use their innate confidence while making sure they don’t risk alienating the audience by focusing on the desired results they are looking for and preparing with the audience in mind.

Great public speaking is not the result of personality or inborn qualities, but is a skill anyone can learn and be effective at. The 9 people at the Fearless Presentations ® workshop in St. Louis learned that by applying some simple principle they can improve their presentation abilities and continue to grow in their effectiveness in this arena.

For a Complete List of Upcoming Classes, Visit the upcoming presentation skills classes post. You can can click here for details about the Fearless Presentations ® class.

US Bankruptcy Court Murder Mystery Team Building Event on The Illinois River

24 members of the US Bankruptcy Court from St. Louis met at Pere Marquette  State Park on the Illinois River near Grafton, Illinois. After a time of instruction in Team Building they were surprised to find out that they would spend the afternoon solving a murder mystery involving 6 of their co-workers. Once the crime took place the group was divided into 4 teams that took time interviewing each of the 6 suspects. Once the interviews were complete they tallied their notes and named their primary suspect with the evidence and motives. Finally the culprit was revealed. He made a break for it but was captured and arrested.

It was a fun time of interaction for everyone and even the suspects enjoyed themselves.  The Charade Murder Mystery Team Building Event is a fun and exciting event that gets people working together for a common cause. There is a lot of laughter and everyone gets a chance to participate. Those are important aspects of team building. When teams are cohesive there is a spirit that pervades the team, and that spirit is often revealed in laughter. When teams get along and are making progress there is an attitude of cooperation and tolerance that can often be demonstrated by people having a good time. So the best teams share laughter.

Another good demonstration of an effective team is when members participate. That means that each team member realizes they have a significant role to play on the team. So each member participates in the work of the team and contributes to the overall success.

Take a look at your team. Do you see a lot of laughter? Do you witness participation and valuable contributions from each member? If not, maybe it’s time to call the Leader’s Institute and plan a Charade- Murder Mystery Team Building Event for your group.

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