Behavioral Change Team Building Sometime, when company leaders are looking for a “team building” activity, they are actually looking for a form of behavioral change. Team building, as a term, is confusing, because it can mean anything from a dinner out, to a charity activity, to real training and development. However, if you are having organizational challenges or personality conflicts among your employees, the fun camaraderie activities can actually have a negative effect. In these kinds of situations, we suggest programs that create a behavior change in the participants. If you want your employees to interact with each other differently, we have to offer programs that elicit this response.

Behavioral Change Team Building Activities Can Still Be Fun

Quite often, when people think of “classroom training”, the automatic response is, “BORING!” The reason why so many people have this response is, well… past experience. Most people dread classroom team building, so many managers will refuse to offer this type of program. The reason why so many classes are boring, though, is that the facilitators leading the activity are boring. It’s what they know. Most teachers learned to teach from teachers.

However, we realized a long time ago that people learn faster and retain information longer when they are having fun. The growth of The Leader’s Institute ® came about as a result of people attending our programs going back to their companies and saying, “You have got to attend that program! It was life-changing.” Good behavior change programs also need to have what we call a “Wow!” factor. Meaning that, somewhere in the program, the participants have to have an experience where they accomplish something that they never thought that they could do.

For instance, one of the things that we teach in our public leadership class is how to remember names. Within 45 minutes of starting the first session, most everyone in the class will be able to remember 40 or so names, first and last, of people who they just met. When they do this, they are shocked.

We do the same types of things in our classroom team building activities. We have at least one “Wow!” factor activity in every single one of these modules.

Our Most Popular Behavioral Change Programs

  • Performance Assessment Workshop. If you really want behavioral change, it is very important to find out what specific behaviors would give you the most positive impact on performance. This assessment can be conducted in a workshop format or as an online survey. Survey results are delivered in an executive summary with specific recommendations. For additional information, view the information page here: Performance Assessment Workshop
  • High Impact Leaders. Our original leadership and team building program contains over 40 different one-hour modules. As a result, you can really customize the content of this program. For additional information, view the information page here: High Impact Leaders.
  • Creating a Team Culture. This is our customizable 1/2 day workshop. It is created by choosing three modules from High Impact Leaders. The standard format covers conflict resolution, how to gain enthusiastic cooperation, and how to motivate and inspire the next generation of leaders. For details, view Creating a Team Culture.
  • Personality Traits that Influence Teams. This is a different version of Creating a Team Culture that teaches the four personality temperaments along with the strengths in weakness that each has in dealing with other people.
  • Comedy Improv. If you want a fun way to help your team communicate more effectively try this one. Our professional comedians help your team members work together to problem-solve (and be funny.) For details, view Comedy Improv.
  • Charade Murder Mystery. Although this program is more in line with the Shared Experience style of program, there is real teaching that occurs during the program. The event begins with a regular classroom session, but during the teaching, strange activities among a few participants create a distraction. Eventually, a murder occurs that everyone witnesses. But can they actually solve who did it? A very fun way to teach leadership skills. Charade Murder Mystery.

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