Colgate-Palmolive Fun Team Building Event in New York, NY

Michelle Riklan  |  September 15, 2016
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colgate-palmolive fun team building event in new york Our New York instructor recently delivered a fun team building event in New York City for Colgate-Palmolive. The group gathered in their in a New York City, Park Avenue high-rise office building early this year for some fun, work, and community service. 46 participants from the Finance team becoming restless at their all-morning meeting as they wondered what was in store for them after lunch. The leader took great care to “hide the evidence” of the upcoming event. Michelle Riklan, the instructor also to care to keep the secret. So, the room started to buzz when Michelle arrived and began to set up for the team building event. The participants wondered what they were going to do with all of the assorted bike parts that were displayed.

Build-A-Bike ® is a Fun Team Building Event in New York City.

colgate-palmolive-team-having-fun-in-new-york The Colgate-Palmolive Company is an American multinational consumer products company focused on the production, distribution, and provision of household, health care, and personal products. They are most known for soaps, detergents, and oral hygiene products (including toothpaste and toothbrushes). They also a manufacturer of veterinary products (Hill’s brand). The fun team-building event took place in their corporate offices. The teams were highly competitive and full of energy. They were even “shushed” by a group down the hall. However, that did not stop the group from achieving their Build-A-Bike ® goals.

Sonia Galarza, Director of In-Kind & Pro-Bono Resources at the NYC Administration for Children’s Services arrived at the end of the event. She let the Colgate-Palmolive employees know how the bikes that the built would be put to good use. Children who use their facilities and are in their system would now have bicycles to use after school. The participants were happy that their afternoon efforts went to a great cause. The charity also sent a kind note to Michelle and Colgate-Palmolive that is posted here:

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Michelle Riklan is president of Riklan Resources. She is based in the New York, NY Region. She is a specialist in corporate team development and public speaking skill classes.
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