Cost Cutters Supercuts Makes Great Designs in Omaha Bike Give-Away

Build-A-Bike ®


Over 50 managers of Cost Cutter/Supercuts hair salons came together in Omaha, Nebraska for a Build-A-Bike® Team Building Event. Cost Cutters/Supercuts are leading hair salons in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa. The event was a lot of fun and this progressive and innovated group was very involved and participative in every aspect of the event. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of joking and even some learning as they joined team and accomplished the tasks given. In the end the participants had fun and 8 children from the Lincoln Boys and Girls clubs received the donation of bicycles. The participants had fun and learning that also resulted in a great feeling that an important contribution to children, their families and communities they live in had been made.


Throughout the event there is opportunity for the groups to work together in their particular teams as well with other teams to complete the tasks and build the bikes. Often times the teams try to complete the job without help, but in this case the activities are designed so that to accomplish what needs to be done each team really needs to work with other teams. In the regular work-a-day world this is often the case. We get so busy doing our tasks that we suffer through it even though asking for help may be more expedient.  We are reluctant to ask for help for many reasons and most of the time those reasons aren’t reasonable. Another common occurrence is that we have an answer or solution someone else may need, but we are reluctant to share because it might take time, or we feel threatened or, whatever reason. But the best thing for the company is for each team and each member to ask for help when needed and offer help when available. Cost Cutters/Supercuts know that, although they have many shops, they are all part of a larger team and each shop contributes the success of others.


Cost Cutters/Supercuts has a great and innovative team that accomplished the tasks, had fun and worked very well together. The benefit was not only to them in completing the job, but in the great contribution to the Boys and Girls Clubs. Thanks Cost Cutters/Supercuts for a great Build-A-Bike® team Building Event.