Ignite Media Rescue Bear® Event in San Diego, CA

Chad Davis  |  June 10, 2024
Ignite Media Rescue Bear® Event in San Diego, CA

Ignite Media hosted a Rescue Bear® charity team building event in San Diego, CA, for 23 participants. The team, passionate about performance marketing and consumer connection, gathered to assemble teddy bears for children in need through the charity Lived Experiences. Having enjoyed a Build-A-Bike® event the previous year, the group was excited to engage in another meaningful and fun activity.

Ignite Media is dedicated to performance marketing and continuously reinventing consumer connections to help businesses grow at scale. They offer end-to-end digital marketing solutions, including creative design, digital strategy, multi-channel targeted advertising, compliance management, analytics, and optimization. With a proven track record with numerous Fortune 500 brands, Ignite Media focuses on igniting performance, engagement, and ROI for their clients’ brands.

Ignite Media team builds bears for charity in San Diego, California

The event provided an excellent opportunity for the Ignite Media team to bond and give back to the community. The team was familiar with the benefits of combining team building with charitable activities. After all, they had previously participated in a Build-A-Bike® event last year. However, this year, they embraced the challenge of assembling teddy bears for children in need. One participant even noted the event’s thought-provoking nature and the rewarding charitable aspect.

Teams were formed to tackle various challenges, earning the materials needed to create the teddy bears. The activities not only encouraged creative problem-solving and collaboration but also reinforced the firm’s commitment to community engagement. The participants enjoyed the process of bringing their bears to life. It brought a deeper appreciation knowing that their efforts would bring comfort to children in need.

The event concluded with the donation of the completed teddy bears to Lived Experiences. This is an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to children in need. This act of kindness added a meaningful dimension to the team’s efforts, highlighting their dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

We give a big thank you to Ignite Media for their generous contribution to Lived Experiences. We’d also like to thank Lived Experiences for their invaluable work in supporting children in need.

Looking to combine team building with community service? Engage your team with one of our rewarding charity team building activities in San Diego, CA!

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