Ionis Rescue Bear® Event Near San Diego, CA

Chad Davis  |  June 9, 2024
Ionis Rescue Bear® Event Near San Diego, CA

Ionis Pharmaceuticals hosted a Rescue Bear® charity team building event in Carlsbad, CA, for 45 participants. Attended by employees from across the country, the event was part of a two-day conference. The focus was on personality type work using the Insights Discovery methodology. The event not only facilitated deeper self-awareness and team cohesion, however. It also culminated in the donation of teddy bears to children in need through the charity Lived Experiences.

For more than 30 years, Ionis Pharmaceuticals has been a leader in RNA-targeted therapy, pioneering new markets and changing standards of care. Ionis currently has four marketed medicines and a promising late-stage pipeline highlighted by cardiovascular and neurological franchises. The company is guided by world-class scientists and business leaders. Their passion for innovation is matched by their commitment to discovering, developing, and delivering medicines to the patients who depend on them.

Ionis employees unite for Rescue Bear® event near San Diego, California

The Rescue Bear® event provided Ionis employees with a unique opportunity to enhance their understanding of personality types and improve teamwork. Having already engaged in personality type work with Insights Discovery during the two-day conference, the Rescue Bear® event was a perfect complement. Thus, allowing participants to apply their newfound insights in a practical and fun setting.

Teams were formed based on the participants’ personality types, encouraging them to leverage their strengths and collaborate effectively. As they tackled a series of challenges, each team earned the materials needed to build teddy bears. The process not only reinforced the lessons learned during the conference. It also fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among the participants.

The event concluded with the donation of the completed teddy bears to Lived Experiences. This organization is dedicated to providing support and resources to children in need. The act of giving back added a meaningful dimension to the event, highlighting Ionis’s commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

We give a big thank you to Ionis Pharmaceuticals for their generous contribution to Lived Experiences. We’d also like to thank Lived Experiences for their invaluable work in supporting children in need.

Looking to enhance your team’s understanding of personality types? Try one of our engaging charity team building activities in San Diego, CA!

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