J-L-V Build-A-Bike team event in Fort Worth

Courtney Stearns  |  October 24, 2022

JLV Build-A-Bike team event Cowboys and longhorns weren’t the only things that ran around the Stockyards recently. Jones Legacy Ventures took to Stockyard Station for a leadership conference. Staff ended with our Build-A-Bike® team event.

This event was long awaited for J-L-V. Staff put this on our books in January. After multiple reschedules and an instructor change, we’re glad things settled into place.

Jones Legacy Ventures proudly serves the residential and commercial construction industry needs. It strives to give its customers quality products and specialized services. The company’s core values include integrity, leadership, teamwork, performance, and community stewardship. They truly are a legacy company- owned and passed from family member to family member. The founding spirit of Cassity Jones lives on.

Leaders Build Bikes in Fort Worth

Attendees rounded towards home by participating in our bike team event. Everyone warmed up with a short memory exercise. Through each person’s surprise, people numbered off and split into teams. While in teams, leaders had to figure out and answer various clues and riddles. You’d be surprised to learn how frustrating it might be to keep hearing, “that’s not what I have.” Finally, each participant got to the correct answer and gathered the necessary parts. Teams in the end assembled a brand-new bike.

The cherry on top, in my opinion, was the donation at the end. Boys & Girls Club of Tarrant County picked up each of the newly assembled bikes. We know how excited those kids will be to jump on and ride their new bike.

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