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VCE Build-A-Bike Fort Worth, TX

On October 22, 2013 VCE came together in Grapevine, TX at The Austin Ranch of Hilton DFW Lakes to host the Build-A-Bike ® team building exercise for their engineers. VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment Company, is an American computer integration company. Massachusetts has a rich heritage of technology innovation, including from VCE’s parent companies, and VCE is building on that heritage with this center in Marlborough and its world-class capabilities and staff.” This group of sixty came from Marlborough, MA to experience some of the culture Texas has to offer and Austin Ranch was a great venue for this. VCE experienced a chuck wagon buffet and cowboy Carl and his cow hands perform rope tricks and the evening was topped off with a campfire outdoors.
VCE Event 008Build-A-Bike uses a series of challenges and activities to encourage team building and from the beginning this group was very competitive. The Build-A-Bike is meant to be something of a caricature of behavior we can see in the workplace, the participants have a good time poking fun at themselves and each other, with a mixture of New England Patriot fans and New York Giant fans it was funny to watch as they move through the exercises together. The group had been in meetings so they were ready to have some fun. Beverley and Dan were the contact for this and they assisted along with three other participants to be judges in the series of activities. The goal of the event was to have everyone walk away with a fulfilling experience that was fun and unexpected and for the group to get a true sense of “team”. The activities in the Build-A- Bike program are designed so that the participants learn team building in an experiential way. They are broken into teams and are given tasks that cement their team identity, only to discover that ultimately they have to go beyond what they think is their team to accomplish their goals. Not only are the teams more effective when they work together but they are happier because of the sense of camaraderie. By the end of the event, they saw that sharing information and working through problems with communication is the path to everyone winning. The charity to accept the bikes was the YMCA of Irving a suburb of Dallas. The kids arrived without the group realizing it and cheers were heard as the kids ran in to accept these bikes from VCE.

Manheim Inc Build-A-Bike in Fort Worth Texas

Manheim, Inc. is an automobile auction company and they came together in downtown Fort Worth, Texas to take part in the Build-A-Bike ® team building event.  Manheim, Inc. automobile auction company  is the largest one in the world by volume of trade. As a subsidiary of privately owned Cox Enterprises, Inc., Manheim provides services including financing, title work, transportation, recovery, auto body repair, dealership management systems, dent repair and remarketing technology. Manheim’s primary business is the providing of auction services for the physical sale of automobiles as well as online tools to connect wholesale vehicle buyers and sellers.
005Dan the senior manager along with the meeting planner Gina didn’t tell the group what they would be doing, so when they walked into the room many of the comments were “I don’t know how to build a bike”. The team building exercise was for a group of sales people that have worked for Manheim from two weeks up to twenty years. A very competitive group, even the activities leading up to building the bikes was very amusing to watch as chivalry went right out the window. Quite a few from the group said “everything is a competion“. Build-A-Bike uses a series of challenges and activities to encourage team building. The activities are meant to be something of a caricature of behavior we can see in the workplace. The exercises brought out the playful side of all the participants. The Boys and Girls Club of Fort Worth and Roland Greene accepted the bikes along with the kids. Dan wanted to surprise the group with the children coming to the event to pick up the bikes directly from the group, and they were. The Manheim group took pictures with the kids, helped them put on their helmets and ride around the room. The kids from the greater Fort Worth area even received snacks before leaving. “What a great event, the kids make it all worth it”

HealthPoint of Fort Worth Texas Build-A-Bike

HealthPoint of Fort Worth, Texas hosted a Build-A-Bike ® team building exercise for this group who work for the same company but only speak to each over the phone. HealthPoint is committed to investing in the discovery and development of scientifically sound, cost-effective pharmaceuticals and biologics. Our experienced Research and Development team helps accomplish our mission by bringing novel biologics and pharmaceuticals to market. A determined focus on improving clinical and quality-of-life outcomes in patients affected by wounds drives our work in cell sciences, antimicrobials, biologics, and small molecules.

014Chelsea, the organizer didn’t tell the group what they would be doing, so when they walked into the room many of the comments were “I don’t know how to build a bike”. This group works in two different locations, they speak daily on the phone but they have never met. The group consisted of District Managers, HR department employees and any staff members who wanted to participate. Build-A-Bike uses a series of challenges and activities to encourage team building. The activities are meant to be something of a caricature of behavior we can see in the workplace. The exercises brought out the playful side of all the participants and “this was a perfect way to bring a group together for the first time” said Chelsea. HEALTHPOINT believes in the importance of giving back, community participation is more than just an idea we encourage––it’s one of the core values that guide our practices. From our perspective, community involvement is one of the defining features of a health care company. The Boys and Girls Club of Fort Worth and Roland Greene accepted the bikes along with the kids. The kids from the greater Fort Worth area were so excited about their new bikes, the first for all of them.

Sabre Holdings Build-A-Bike Fort Worth Texas

The Sabre Holdings group gathered at the Embassy Suites in Fort Worth Texas for the Build-A-Bike ® team building event. Sabre is a global technology company, our innovative technology is used by more than a billion people around the world to plan, book and get to their destination at a time and price that’s right for them. We work behind the scenes to make the world a better place, one journey at a time. The Build-A-Bike program was a segue for a week long session on the importance of communication in the workplace.
025Build-A-Bike uses a series of challenges and activities to encourage team building. The activities are meant to be something of a caricature of behavior we can see in the workplace. The participants had a good time poking fun at themselves and each other as they moved through the exercises together. The Sabre group was very competitive from the beginning and it continued throughout the entire event. I announced to the group that this wasn’t a competition one of the participants laughed said “everything is a competition” Matthew and Lacie, the coordinators for this event were also the judges in the activities and had a front row seat to their team. The team building activities brought out the playful banter amongst this close group and Lacie said “they are competitive and this is fun to watch them go back and forth with each other”. One of the teams was especially competitive and chased away a team member from another team that came to help. We started the summary session with the fact that even though you may work in different departments or geographically in different offices, the importance of communication is vital.

Lee Financial does the Camaraderie Quest at the Fort Worth Stockyards

On October 5th, 2012 Richie Lee, Founder of Lee Financial in Dallas rewarded his team with a day of fun that included a Camaraderie Quest in Fort Worth Stockyards for a year of hard work. Lee Financial, of Dallas, continues to be the industry leaders and innovators. Their mission is to help clients make careful, intelligent decisions for the purpose of achieving security, success, and fulfillment in their lives. The tour bus shows up at the office to pick everyone up, they start the day with the VIP tour at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, pictures on the field, throwing the ball around. Once the tour is through they travel to Fort Worth to have lunch at a famous eatery, Joe T. Garcia’s

The quest started at The Bullring, the first known gambling hall in Fort Worth, the group was very excited about that fact and it was a great place to meet. The owners went through the history of the Hall and treated everyone to cookies and brownies. The Lee Financial group embarked on the Fort Worth Stockyards with enthusiasm, energy and a real competitive nature. They couldn’t wait to ride the bull at the Rodeo Zone, make a movie of the team conducting a jail break and solving the clues to this high tech game using Smart phones. Sarah Beattie the contact and organizer for the day’s events chose the teams very carefully; she placed people in non-leadership roles to be the team captains and mixed up departments so everyone worked with different people. This group was competitive to the end as we summarized the event the group looked at the pictures that everyone took, adding and subtracting points for not following directions, wrong answers and upside down photos all  got huge laughs. Richie Lee shook our hands along with a few others and said “this was great and thank you for being a part of our day”.

Johnson Controls and BNSF Build Bikes for Kids In Ft. Worth, TX

40 employees of Johnson Controls and their client Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Systems took part in an afternoon of Team Building that culminated in 6 bikes being built and donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Ft. Worth. Build-A-Bike® team building event is a fun, fast-paced event in which the participants are involved in many fun and worthwhile events that end up making a difference in the lives of children, their families and the communities they live in. The Radisson Hotel Fossil Creek in Ft Worth, Texas was the gracious site of the event and went out of their way to make sure that JCI, BNSF and The Leaders Institute® had everything they needed for the event to be an great success. 

The activities provide learning as a by-product of the games, situations, problems, and obstacles that are faced during the event. The folks from Johnson Controls and BNSF were a great group of creative, fun-loving, growing people that enjoyed the activities and each other. During the event they got to know each other better, see each other in a little different situations that usual, and even display their creative and athletic (even gymnastic) abilities. In the final activity of the Build-A-Bike® Team Building Event the group made six bikes that were donated to children from a local Boys and Girls Club. The children were present and the people who worked to make the bikes were able to interact with them. It was a great sight to see the kids and the adults working with them to make sure the bikes fit and were ready to ride.

Team work is often viewed as the simple inter connection and effectiveness of group members. But this event showed how forty different people came together to make one event a big success and contribute to the needs of people in the community. Although they were divided into six teams they worked as one team to complete the bikes and bring smiles to six children. This was a fun and entertaining time in which many things took place and some differences were made. Some of the differences were that learning (even if by accident) a little about teamwork and leadership, giving back to the community, it was seeing the looks on the kids faces as they saw their new bikes, it was the feeling of knowing you have done something worthwhile. An added bonus was that Johnson Controls/BNSF also contributed an extra $1,000.00 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Great Ft. Worth.

Thank you Johnson Controls and Burlington Northern Sante Fe for a great Build-A-Bike Team Building Event and for making the 6 bikes and $1,000.00 donation to these children and to the future of the Ft. Worth area.


Gexpro Rexel includes Rescue Bear Philanthropic Team Building Event in Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas

Gexpro Rexel gathered leadership from around the globe for an annual conference in Dallas, Texas and included a Rescue Bear philanthropic team building workshop. As the US presence of one of the world’s largest electrical distributors, Rexel employees apply their knowhow, productivity tools and hands-on business-building initiatives to help their customers thrive. Nearly half of their employees are dedicated to improving how they connect customers with the supplies, solutions and services they need. They’ve developed supply chain models that reduce inventory, raise productivity and cut installation costs. There were 45 participants in the program, mostly from around the US with a handful that came from Europe.

Rescue Bear is a workshop that is designed to help people see the importance of matching a person with the right talent for the right role within the company.  It helps participants identify the strengths of themselves and others and rely on those strengths when under pressure.  It shows how/why “Silos” are created and how to deal with the “Silo” effect more effectively. At the end of the workshop, the stuffed animals that are put together and dressed in fire fighter uniforms are donated to a local organization that helps kids. In this case, the donation was given to the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas, which will use them in Welcome Kits for families newly arriving. Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families of sick children to stay while the child is treated at a nearby hospital.

The leadership team of Gexpro Rexel had a great time poking fun at various personality styles that emerged during the program, and drawing on each group’s strengths to solve various riddles and challenges. As each group acquired different materials needed to build the stuffed animals, the trading began so that the task could be completed.

“The group had a lot of fun together! This really added something unique to our conference.”Laura Lichtenstein, Gexpro Rexel

Rescue Bear is a great event for giving people a chance to see how their natural strengths can help them be stronger communicators and better co-workers, while giving something back to the local community. It’s also just a lot of fun!

Deloitte University in Fort Worth, Texas, Strengthens Its Team With A Build-A-Bike Event Building Bikes For 50 Kids

Deloitte University brings its new hires to Fort Worth, Texas, to learn, and build their new team, with a Build-A-Bike team building event. 340 young, and very-bright folks joined the ranks of the Deloitte elite, and built bikes for disadvantaged kids.

This was the first session at this 107 acre campus where bison roam, cattle meander, and Texan wild-life is still wild. After a challenging multiple-day course preparing them for their new positions in 90 cities across the nation, they cut loose, came together as a team, and built some bikes for kids who know no privilege.

The children who joined the new Deloitte hires were a bit shy about accepting something they only dreamed of having – their first bike. To the kids from Summer Santa, and the Boys and Girl’s Club, it was a little miracle.

In accepting the bikes, Diana Reyes, of Summer Santa drew a picture of need that most of us can only imagine. “I made a home visit and the electricity was turned off. They had no furniture, and certainly no bikes.” Mom told Mrs. Reyes that their holidays were very sad and empty. These kids are “at risk” meaning they have already lived some of the most difficult times of their lives. These caring people from Summer Santa, and The Boys and Girl’s Club, reach out to these kids in all kinds of ways.

Deloitte wants these kids to have a better chance in life, and with this team building event the kids now have a bicycle to empower them. This philanthropic team building, says, “Someone outside my family cares about me.” So, hand in hand with the The Leader’s Institute, the Deloitte folks solved some puzzles, won some parts, and built some bikes. By Connie Timpson/Sr. Instructor/Performance Coach/The Leader’s Institute

Texans Can! Teachers in Fort Worth, Texas Learn How To Create A Team Culture

Texans Can! worked to  Create A Team Culture, learned how to communicate better, and shared some inner beliefs in Fort Worth, Texas.  Texans Can! is a unique approach to learning and teaching.  The kids you might call drop outs, and others call “push outs” from the regular public school system, seem to do better in this more personal, open environment.

When the public school system and the student having a tough time, creating a workable structure for learning, Texans Can! swings open its doors.  It is a different approach, one that works with the students’ reality, and his or her needs. The goal of these educators is picture perfect – excite the kids, that others gave up on, about learning.  Help them pick up the lessons they missed out on, and make them want to graduate.  And it works.

On this day the teachers and administrators were also students, when they conducted a Creating a Team Culture Team Building Workshop.  Although all are well educated, and accomplished, they recognize the need for team building and training.  In this interactive learning setting, they worked together as partners, as a large group, and explore areas they have just been too busy to think about.  One of my favorite parts of this event is how we close the training.  In small groups every person listens while someone else gives them a strength-centered compliment. That may not sound like a cure for anything really important, but it is.  In many cases it is soul mending.  To hear other people say nice things about you, based on an action they have observed you taking is totally empowering.  A few people reached for a tissue and others blinked away something that had gotten into their eyes.  They all walked out with a little lighter step.

The Vice President of Education, Yolanda Cruz, told me after the event, that the session was extraordinary, and the last part of the day brought a tear to her eye as well.  By Connie Timpson/Sr. Instructor/Performance Coach/The Leader’s Institute

TCU Masters Degree Students use Team Building Event to Build Bears for Grief Stricken Children In Ft Worth Texas

TCU Masters Degree Students use Team Building Event to Build Bears for Grief Stricken Children In Dallas and Ft Worth, Texas. Over 50 people from the Master’s In Accounting program at Texas Christian University came together for a day of meetings which included a Rescue Bear Team Building Event. This special event included several activities that culminated in 25 stuffed animals being assembled that were given to The Warm Place; a unique compassionate organization that help children that have experience the death of a close relative. The activities of the afternoon included some very fun activities that incorporated valuable lessons on leadership and team building. Amidst the laughter, games and projects the participants were also given time to think over important principles that they can put into practice.

During the team building event personality and temperament was explored. It was clear that through the activities people understood a little more about how personality and temperament plays into our every day behavior. Often times that behavior can lead us to interact most with people who are most like ourselves. The problem is that when we work in homogeneous units we fail to capitalize on the strengths of others who could be in the group. When we surround ourselves with personalities most like our own we are missing a key ingredient to seeing a total or whole picture. Many teams are formed this way and short-circuit the effectiveness of the team because key ingredients to the whole are missing by the neglect of having a rounded team that includes the various temperament styles.

The Rescue Bear Team Building Event helps expose how silos in the workplace are formed and how to break out of that mold. It was a fun and experiential learning event and there was a great feeling about giving back to such a great community organization as The Warm Place. The 25 stuffed animals made and contributed will make a difference in the lives of children dealing with grief as the event made a difference in the lives of these Master’s program students.

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