Karl Storz Build-A-Bike® Team Event in El Segundo, CA

Courtney Stearns  |  October 24, 2022
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A group of employees from Karl Storz got together for a Build-A-Bike® team building event in El Segundo, CA. The charity event was just what they needed to have a little fun and to experience some teamwork outside of their day-to-day work activities.

Karl Storz was founded in Germany, but they branched out into the US in 1971. Since then, they’ve been a leader in the sale of operating room tools. That means everything from electromechanical tools, endoscopes, imaging, and instruments. They even offer technical support and customer service twelve hours a day. Most recently, Karl Storz has been working to develop digital documentation systems and operating room concepts.


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Karl Storz Participates in Build-A-Bike® Charity Event in El Segundo, California

Twenty Karl Storz staff members joined together for camaraderie, team-building, and a little charity. First, attendees were divided into small teams. Each team then received special clues. In order to solve the clues, they had to work among themselves or even with other teams. Once they were certain they had the answer, they submitted them to be judged. That judgment either sent them to rethink the clue or to receive a bike part. Once all the bike parts were received, the teams were able to assemble a brand-new bike to be graciously donated.

The newly assembled bicycles were donated to Lakewood YMCA. The kids were so excited to take home their new bikes!

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