Met bab The Met Life insurance company  assembled in Charlotte NC for their annual conference of marketing personnel and chose the Leaders Institute to facilitate a team buildiing event upon their leading reputation. The group was composed of marketing managers from around the country and was unique as it  included the Senoir Vice President who wanted to be involved in the valuable team building experience with his employees. The event started out with valuable team exercises that showed that coopertive and confident teams just don’t happen and that the implementation of different learning processes contributes to successful team building. The large group was divided into teams that created identities and worked together to solve various word clues to earn bike parts piece by piece in order to complete a whole bike. Since the groups were very competitve and had a lot of energy, the atmosphere in the large room was thrilling to watch. It was exciting to see individuals from the groups race up to the judges tables to turn in thier answers for the bike parts and then building their bikes for a chance to claim to be the winning group. Some of the groups received two of the same bike part and had to cooperate with other teams to trade for the part they needed to complete their bike. After all of the groups completed thier bikes, safety checks were performed so the kids could use the bikes immediately.The local Boys and Girls Club of Charlotte brought in eight children to be presented with the new bikes. The look on the children’s faces and the gratitude that was expressed by the Boys and Girls club made the event a success all the way around.