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Aerocrine Build-A-Bike Morrisville, NC

Aerocrine, a medical device company located in Raleigh, Durham Chapel Hill area was looking for a team building solution and requisitioned the Leaders Institute to help them bond their new inside team. Joanne Zellner found that the Leaders Institute had many team building activities and chose the Build-A-Bike ® team event to instill a cohesive team atmosphere. The Build-A-Bike event utilizes exercises that challenge the participants to learn how to look at new ways of coming up with solutions vs. the old ways of solving problems. The Build-A-Bike event also provides the opportunity for the teams to learn how to cooperate and utilize their individual strengths for optimum performance. The event begins with a memory exercise that illustrates how new ways of thinking yield better results, then the participants are divided into groups with a truth or dare/musical chair exercise that is fun and divisive at the same time. The groups are formed after the disc exercise and tasked to invent a team name, team cheer and team flag. The groups are judged on their enthusiastic, creativity and originality and the winning team is awarded a head start in the actual bike building portion of the event. After the teams race feverishly to solve their clues to obtain the bike parts to complete their bikes, the local charity which was the Boys and Girls Club of Durham NC would come in and be presented with girls and boys 20″ bikes. The children are present at the event to receive the bikes as a charitable donation. If you are looking for a fun team building event that can provide a long lasting impression on your work force, the Leaders Institute has many team building events to suit your needs.

Davidson College Build-A-Bike Davidson, NC

Davidson College, Davidson N.C. a committed institution to developing their talents for lives of leadership and service, needed a team building event for the students involved in the Scholars for Civic Engagement organization. Kristen Booher had done her research and found that the Leaders Institute had the perfect team building program for her students. The 70 students were not sure what to expect seeing the floor arrangement that included unassembled bikes at the front of the room. The participants filed in the room and were asked to form a circle in which they were informed that new ways of learning created better team results, this was demonstrated with a memory exercise that amazed the students as they found their memory skills increased dramatically! The participants were then divided into groups where their team and leadership skills would come to play. The groups were tasked to come up with a, team name, team flag and team cheer, eventually the teams would be competing against each other in a cheer off to win the chance to begin building their bikes with a 30 second head start. You could see the teams working together with excitement creating their identities and practicing team cheers. After their amazingly creative cheer performances the groups were given their envelopes of clues to be solved to be redeemed for the bike parts needed to complete a full bike. The groups raced to complete their Build-A-Bike challenge of building 10 bicycles that were given to 10 children of the Trips for Kids organization lead by Michael Camp. The Kids rushed in, enthusiastic, with big smiles on to claim their bikes. The Student participants were filled with a sense of awe as they watched. If you are looking for a unique team building event with a charity component, The Leaders’ Institute has many team building activities that will fit your needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rescue Bear Team Event Durham, NC

Blue Cross Blue Shield Headquarters in Durham, NC needed a fun team building event with a charity component for their quarterly meeting on their Durham NC campus in August 2013. They experienced a successful Build-A-Bike ® team building event during one of their previous conferences and wanted a different team building event that would also realign their customer services operations team. They chose the Rescue Bear team event for two reasons; one being that they wanted a fun event that the employees would learn team cooperation and two they wanted an event that would give to the local Firefighters as a charity. The participants were energized as soon as they entered the large conference room on the campus. They were organized in a large circle in which they were involved in a memory exercise that proved to increase their memory considerably in a short period of time. The astonished participants were then divided into teams and given envelopes to organize into themes or categories based the items printed on the outside of each envelope. Each envelope had a challenge or activity inside it related to the word or name on the outside of the envelope in which they were to solve or perform in order to get a unique part to complete a stuffed animal that would eventually be given to the Fire Fighters at the end of the event. You could see the team’s utilization their individual strengths to solve the different categories of problems. The envelopes also contained a skit that the teams had to perform for the judges and the animation and creativity was very entertaining. As the teams were getting close to completing the stuffed animals, the local Durham Fire Department arrived to be presented with 50 stuffed animals that were to be given to children at local burn centers. The Fire Fighters drew cheers and the participants applauded themselves for their successful team building challenges in completing their work for the charity.


Cree Lighting Build-A-Bike Durham, NC

Cree Lighting of Morrisville NC, a rapidly growing company has added many new employees recently and needed a team building event to create cohesiveness. Blair Jernigan, the events coordinator, searched and found that the Leaders Institute performed team building events that were not only fun and energetic, but included a learning component and charity aspect as well. A high percentage of the 120 participants had been with the company for less than four months and the team event would prove to create a successful team experience. The participants were thoroughly impressed at the beginning of the team building event by a unique exercise that dramatically improved their memory. The individuals were then divided into teams in which they had to pool their creative resources and strengths to come up with team indemnities and prepare for a team cheer competition. The teams performed their cheer exhibitions with unbelievable energy and enthusiasm for a chance to win a 30 second head start in the actual Build-A-Bike competition. After the cheer competition was over the teams were given clues to solve in order to get the bike parts they needed to complete the bikes that would at the end of the event be given to a local charity. The teams learned to draw on their individual strengths and use cooperation among the other teams to obtain the bike parts they needed to complete their bikes. The end of the event was marked by a recap of the important team components that were learned from the competition. The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Durham ushered in the 22 children to receive their bikes and you could see the satisfaction from participants and the joyful faces from the grateful children that this event was a huge success.

Thanks for everything that you did for our event –

Blair Jernigan                                                    

Marketing Events Specialist, Lighting

Fearless Presentations Charlotte, NC June 2013

The Leaders Institute ® hosted their signature Fearless Presentations ® workshop for the second time this year in Charlotte at the South park location in June 2013. The workshop that was given become a better speaker and reduce public speaking anxiety attracted a full classroom. Individuals ranged from various industries including the Continental Tire Company, who has been sending their employees over the past few years. The participants were in attendance to learn the secrets to becoming better presenters as many companies are requiring their employees to give presentations more frequently. The Leaders Institute uses a combination of knowledge and coaching in the two day workshop as a method to fortify and instill confidence in the participant rather than just a two day lecture session. They participate in exercises in how to be persuasive, why stories have a major impact in their presentations and how to write a speech in less than 15 minutes. The individuals learned to give a short introduction speech at beginning of the workshop to get their feet wet and as a point of reference. After two days of learning and coaching, the participants were astounded at their confidence and ability to deliver their final six minute presentations. The group was thankful and appreciative for their two day experience in the Fearless Presentations workshop.

For a Complete List of Upcoming Classes, Visit the upcoming presentation skills classes post. You can can click here for details about the Fearless Presentations ® class.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Rescue Bear Team Event Charlotte, NC

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of the top U.S. pharmaceutical companies chose the Leaders Institute to do a team building event for their annual conference in Charlotte NC in June 3013. Amy Shabazz a Senior Associate Director with Boehringer Ingelheim had used the Leaders Institute in the past and wanted to repeat another successful performance. Ms. Shabazz chose the Rescue Bear with the reputation as a fun team building event with a learning component and charity donation as well. The 24 participants from around the country only meet twice a year in person so this was an opportunity to strengthen and identify the group’s team working skills. The individuals began with an exercise to help develop their memory skills. The participants had a fun time learning and practicing with their partners, and were amazed how quickly the exercise increased their memory retrieval. The individuals then participated in a fast paced mental activity similar to “Simon Says” designed to eliminate and divide them into groups. The groups were determined and formed by the strengths that the participants thought that they excelled at. The respective teams then relied on the teamwork to quickly solve the clues that they would turn in to get the parts to complete a stuffed bear. The energy was very high and you could see that the participants were learning and having fun racing to solve the clues in exchange for the components to complete the stuffed bears. After the four teams had successfully completed stuffed bears, the local Charlotte NC Fire Fighters were invited in to accept the presentation of the animals that would be given to distressed fire and accident victims.

So if you are looking for a fun team building event with a charity component, the Leaders Institute has many team building activities that will suffice your needs.



Fearless Presentations Raleigh, North Carolina May 2013

The Leaders Institute ® held their signature two day Fearless Presentations ® public speaking workshop at the Regency Suites in Raleigh, NC in May of 2013. The participants from various industries attended the two day workshop on the Leadership Institute’s reputation of helping people become better speakers and presenters. The beginning of the workshop started with the participants learning to deliver a simple introductory speech to warm them up. After the introductory speech exercise, the class learned what makes most people anxious when speaking and how to reduce that anxiety.

The second day of the workshop included more education on how the power of stories builds report and trust with your audience. The class also learned the three key components to create a persuasive speech. The participants reinforced their confidence throughout the workshop by practicing their presentations in front of the class. The results were very impressive as the participants came up one by one to speak. The two day workshop ended with a final presentation where you could see a marked improvement in the participants from the first day of of their instruction.

For a Complete List of Upcoming Classes, Visit the upcoming presentation skills classes post. You can can click here for details about the Fearless Presentations ® class.

Wells Fargo Bank Build-A-Bike Charlotte, NC

Wells Fargo Bank sought out The Leaders Institute upon recommendation to do a team building event for their two day conference in April 2013. Wells Fargo is one of nation’s largest banks and ranks as one of largest corporations in the country. The Build-A-Bike Team building event was given for the project managers during their conference as a fun activity that would reinforce team cooperation with a charity component.The group experienced a series of team activities and exercises that challenged their ability to share information and resources, as well as unique problem solving approaches. One of the exercises tasked the teams with a limited time amount to create identities and perform a “team cheer”. This exercise tested their ability to create and develop under pressure. The teams brainstormed to come up with some highly creative, energetic performances that filled the room with excitement.

The event ended with the completed bikes that were given the Salvation Army Boys and Girls club of Charlotte NC. Eight happy, energetic children were lead into the room to receive the completed bikes that were presented by the Wells Fargo employees.

If your company is looking to way to encourage team cooperation, The Leaders Institute can provide a fun team building event that with a charity component.

The event was absolutely THE BEST! 

 Fantastic job . . . . The group was extremely engaged and loved it . . . . When the children came in, it was a tough few seconds trying to hold back tears.  It was really an awesome team building experience. 

 Rhonda A. Cloninger, PMP

EPTS Project Portfolio Manager

Infrastructure Governance & Strategy

Wells Fargo Technology Infrastructure Services


Intra Health Build-A-Bike Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Intra Health Corporation invited the Leaders Institute on their campus to do a Build-A-Bike ® team building event at their annual conference. Peter Kariuki, Human Resources manager had gotten a recommendation from an employee who had experienced a Build-A-Bike event that the Leaders Institute did for his previous employer. The event started the when the participants began with a memory building exercise. The group was amazed how quickly their memory improved with a simple mental image association technique that is used in the team building exercises.
The group was separated into teams and tasked to come up with a team cheer which they practiced diligently, being that the winner of the contest would be awarded a 30 second head start in the bike building competition. The teams formed and organized their groups based individual strengths to perform more efficiently. The teams came up with some very creative cheers and high energy performances to outdo their competition. The groups then got started in assembling the bikes as fast as they could, utilizing effective teamwork to be the first team finished.

The event ended with children from the Boys and Girls club charity of Durham NC, who came to pick up the completed bikes at the Intra Health location in Chapel Hill NC

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent time yesterday, the team had a lot to learn from the activity and we are very thankful for that.” Peter Kariuki – Intra Health Chapel Hill, NC





Junior League Raleigh, North Carolina

The Junior League of Raleigh North Carolina was looking for a fun team building event to add to their weekend retreat and asked the Leaders Institute to help them institute a fun learning experience for their chapter. Whitney Von Hamm, the president, chose the Build-A-Bike ® team building event because of its excellent reputation and charity component.
The group consisted of 70 women that were eager to start the fun event that included exercises to challenge their team cooperation and group dynamic skills. The groups were tasked to come up with developing team identities and team cheers that would give the winner a head start in the bike building competition. The women used their creativity and individual team member strengths to come up with some excellent performances. You could see team cooperation come into play when were then given clues to solve in order to obtain the bike parts to complete a whole bike. After the bikes were completed, twelve excited children from boys and girls club of Raleigh came in to receive the bikes.

So if you are looking for a fun charitable event at for your next conference or meeting, the Build-A-Bike ® team event will prove to suffice your needs.

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