Mi Swaco a Schlumberger Company based in Houston Texas, brings together twice a year, the best of the best involved in the Program for Accelerated Career Training (PROACT). M-I SWACO is an industry leader of products, services and expertise for managing your drilling, completion and production operations. Whether drilling offshore West Africa, managing drilling waste in Kazakhstan, managing production of a North Sea reservoir or working in mines in Wyoming, our customers depend on M-I SWACO to help them complete their job on time, at cost and without undue challenges. Most of these young engineers just finished training at Mudd School, they actually learn to make mudd for drilling purposes. They started the day with the creating a team culture program, covered personality temperaments and finished the day with the Build-a-Bike program. Amber who organized the day for this group, especially liked the group sessions we did for the 28 leadership principles. To build rapport, reduce and resolve conflicts, gain enthusiastic cooperation and building strong confident leaders, “This is exactly what this group needed
Benjamin is the manager that oversees this group was involved from beginning to end and was a very thorough judge. This group who works very hard proves they also play hard, so energetic ,funny, outgoing and focused. The group was moved when they realized the children were coming to get the bikes. Many pictures were taken, names exchanged and Mi Swaco filled the craft bags with candy for the kids (with representatives approval)