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Gallo Executives Rescue Bear Team Building Event in Modesto, California

12 people from E & J Gallo Wineries executive leadership team came together for a day of meetings which included a Rescue Bear Team Building Event. This special event included several activities that culminated in 12 stuffed animals being assembled that were given to the Modesto Regional Fire Department. The activities of the afternoon included some very fun activities that incorporated valuable lessons on leadership and team building. Amidst the laughter, games and projects the participants were also given time to think over important principles that they can put into practice. The participants enjoyed one another, the challenges and the opportunity to see one another is a little different situation than usual.

During the team building event personality and temperament was explored. It was clear that through the activities people understood a little more about how personality and temperament plays into our every day behavior. Often times that behavior can lead us to interact most with people who are most like ourselves. The problem is that when we work in homogeneous units we fail to capitalize on the strengths of others who could be in the group. When we surround ourselves with personalities most like our own we are missing a key ingredient to seeing a total or whole picture. Many teams are formed this way and short-circuit the effectiveness of the team because key ingredients to the whole are missing by the neglect of having a rounded team that includes the various temperament styles.

The Rescue Bear Team Building Event helps expose how silos in the workplace are formed and how to break out of that mold. It was a fun and experiential learning event and there was a great feeling about giving back to such a great community organization as the Modesto Regional Fire Department. The 12 stuffed animals made and contributed will make a difference in the lives of children dealing with grief as the event made a difference in the lives of these important Gallo employees and those lessons will filter down to others as well.

Thanks to Gallo in the San Francisco Bay Area for a great event and a great contribution to the community.

Rambus Team Event Builds Bikes for Children in San Jose

Over 300 Rambus employees came together for a day of meetings that ended with a Build-A-Bike Team Building event ®. The event has a great philanthropic twist as the California Bay Area Boys and Girls Club provided 12 children as representatives to receive the 50 bikes at the end of the event. The event had the participants involved in fun activities that aided in their teambuilding and leadership skills. From the opening exercise to the giving of the bikes to the children the energy and enthusiasm was high and the laughter contagious. All of the activities and energy translated into a fun team building event where all the participants contributed to the success of the time they shared and did something that made a difference for them and for 50 area children.

What can a Build-A-Bike event ® teach us about teamwork? One simple lesson that is experiences is that teamwork goes beyond the immediate team to involve a larger team. In this instance there were 48 teams given various tasks, but it wasn’t until they learned to work together across team boundaries that the problems were able to be solved. When the smaller teams enlisted the help of others the actual team work among teams provided the benefit. Often time companies are divided by location, divisions, departments, etc. But when we work across those boundaries to help each other progress really occurs. We may compete for limited human resources, time, financial consideration, budgetary appropriation, and any other things, but competition can become detrimental to the overall welfare of the larger company. If one branch succeeds at the cost of another the company at large suffers.

This is just one of the lessons demonstrated by the Build-A-Bike Team Building event ®. The people at Rambus did a great job contributing the event and in making a positive difference in the life do 50 boys and girls, their families and the communities they live in.

For details about Team Building in San Jose, California, click here.

Google gets in the Holiday Spirit with a Build-A-Bike Team Event Donating 14 bikes to children in San Jose California

In the heart of the holiday season, 90 Google employees came together for a an opportunity to have some fun and give back to the community. They sponsored a Build-A-Bike Team Building Event ® in San Jose, California, that resulted in 14 new bicycles being built and given to the local San Francisco Bay Area Boys and Girls Club. The participants got the opportunity to take a break from their hectic schedules to make a difference, learn some team building principles, and get to know each other in a different way. Everyone worked together to build some bikes and make a huge difference to some children who might not otherwise receive anything for the holiday season.

There are many things a team building event can teach us about teamwork. We can do it alone but we will not be as effective if we work together as a team and share information. First acknowledging that competition is inherent and detrimental to the overall goal is important and communication is the key to working through this. Going beyond the individual and working as a team makes us more efficient, effective and happier because we have the support of each other. Work life gets very busy, especially at a company that is growing and changing like Google. It is challenging to keep up with the every day demands. Taking time out to re-focus the priorities of the individual and team to work together is essential. The Google participants of this Build-A-Bike Team Building Event ® not only learned some important team building skills, but got to make a difference to some grateful children as well.

Thanks go out to Google for a great Build-A-Bike Team Building Event. And thanks to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley for providing 14 happy recipients for the bicycles!

Wells Fargo Build-A-Bike Team Building Event Contributes 34 bikes To Children in San Francisco California

When people come together with a common purpose and contribute their individual talents a lot of good things can happen. That was the experience of nearly 200 Wells Fargo employees as they joined together for a Build-A-Bike Team Building Event in the San Francisco Bay Area (Concord,California). The event was very active and solicited each individual to make contributions to the team effort. The final analysis was 34 bikes were given to a local boys and girls club, each participant was able to contribute to the effort and teamwork was defined as when common purpose collides with individual contributions. It was a fast-paced, fun learning experience that benefited the individual participants as well as the boys and girls clubs and the over 30 recipients of brand new bicycles.

The Wells Fargo employees were separated into 32 groups and each group had activities to participate in. Completion of the activities was only possible by each member making significant contributions to the different projects. For each activity there was a common purpose, whether it was tasks to accomplish or problems to solve, the goal was clear so that each group knew what had to be achieved. The common purpose also highlighted individual contributions. Good team work isn’t when individuality is lost, but rather when each individual is able to contribute their best for the good to the team. The common purpose is the goal of the team work.


That common purpose must collide with the individual efforts and contributions of the team members. Through the activities each person was able to contribute according to their own talents, skills and abilities. Whether a person is artistic, organizational, mechanical, analytical, motivational, etc., whatever is possessed by the individual they were able to contribute to achieving the common purpose. Through the Build-A-Bike Team Building Event every individual was given opportunity to contribute to the overall goal of the program. That was team work at its best.


Thanks so much to Wells Fargo for a great team building experience and for giving back to the community in a very significant way. For details about Team Building in San Francisco, California, click here.

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