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Wells Fargo Build-A-Bike Dallas, TX

Wells Fargo was having a leadership summit at the Omni Hotel and Convention Center in Dallas. Their theme this year includes focus on their end customer and managing risk in an extremely scrutinized regulated environment. It is a group of very competitive, very driven managers historically focused on profit but now have to learn to focus on the end customer risk management and profit. Two hundred and fifty people came together to go through a series of exercises and have some fun while learning the importance of working together as a team to accomplish great things. Doug Staneart the President and CEO of The Leaders Institute wanted to facilitate this event because of the history between our two companies.

059The Build-A-Bike team building event teaches teamwork skills through a series of challenges which the teams are to complete. The tasks encourage the teams to think outside the box to come up with a solution to complete the puzzle while they learn to work efficiently as a team. The opening exercise is just what the group needed after a long day of meetings. The overall lesson is that everyone works together to reach the same goal. The group participated and worked well with each other, there was a lot of team work going on in the room. When the kids showed up to the event to receive the bikes the group was moved. The contact was very pleased and said “The group was talking about the event the next day and they really enjoyed it”

HealthPoint Rescue Bear Fort Worth Texas

HealthPoint of Fort Worth, Texas hosted the Rescue Bear ® team building event for “Bring your kids to work day” the group of twenty six kids from the ages 8-16 started the day with a catered breakfast then on to the Rescue Bear ® event. HealthPoint’s experienced Research and Development team helps accomplish our mission by bringing novel biologics and pharmaceuticals to market.

004HealthPoint believes in the importance of giving back, community participation is more than just an idea we encourage––it’s one of the core values that guide our practices. From our perspective, community involvement is one of the defining features of a health care company so HealthPoint works with a local charity, The WARM Place. Families in our community turn to The WARM Place to find the emotional support and help that they need after a death loss. They provide grief support services at no charge for children ages 3½–18 and their families, as well as young adults ages 19–25, who have experienced the death of a mother, father, sister, brother, or other loved one. Every child that walks through the door receives a teddy bear to offer some comfort as they go through the program. The kids along with their parents made posters for The WARM Place about helping hands and giving back. The group solved clues to acquire the bear parts to assemble the bears. A representative from The WARM Place came by to tell the kids who the bears go to and how they comfort kids. Melanie the HR Manager for HealthPoint put this event together for the staff and was so pleased with how much fun they had and the creativity the kids portrayed in their posters.

Frito-Lay Pepsico Build-A-Bike Dallas Texas

Frito-Lay North America is the division of PepsiCo, hosted the Build-A-Bike ® team building event for a group of leaders coming in from around U.S. Frito-Lay North America is the division of PepsiCo that manufactures markets and sells corn chips, potato chips and other snack foods. The primary snack food brands produced under the Frito-Lay name include Fritos corn chips, Cheetos cheese-flavored snacks, Doritos and Tostitos tortilla chips, Lay’s potato chips, Rold Gold pretzels, Ruffles chips. It was arranged for the event to be held at The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, in McKinney Texas, just outside Dallas, Texas. The group of leaders had been in meetings all day showed up to the wildlife for a catered dinner by Blue Mesa Cantina then to participate in the Build-A-Bike ® team building event.

003Build-A-Bike uses a series of challenges and activities to encourage team building. The activities are meant to be something of a caricature of behavior we can see in the workplace. The participants had a good time poking fun at themselves and each other as they moved through the exercises together. Kara Schillaci of the learning and development team said “this event was a huge success” “ Thank you for a great event”. The judges in the team building activities were the top leaders in the room and they had such a good time with their team. The group was very interactive, helped one another solve the clues to earn their parts to assemble the bikes.

Celanese Camaraderie Quest Dallas Texas

Celanese in Las Colinas an upscale, developed area in the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas decided to have the Camaraderie Quest in the Las Colinas Canal area. Based in Dallas, Texas and with an employee base of approximately 7,600 worldwide, we serve our customers through operations located primarily in North America, Europe and Asia with 27 production facilities and an additional 9 strategic affiliate production facilities.  Celanese is a global technology and specialty materials company that engineers and manufactures a wide variety of products essential to everyday living. As a recognized product and process technology innovator, we help to create applications that meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

CQ 2013 037 (2)Much more than a common team building scavenger hunt the Camaraderie Quest is a brainy, challenging, high-tech adventure that is tailor-made to your group and location every single time. No two adventures are the same! The custom course is composed of little known facts about the area, places that your group will need to take a picture of to prove they were there, and movies of the group completing fun tasks that add some comedy to the presentation at the end. Dee the contact person for the group said “I have lived in Dallas 25 years and this is the first time I have seen the Williams Square Mustangs” The Celanese group of auditors, some traveled from Shanghai and Hungary for this week long training were out of the box thinkers, the group was very creative in their answers to the clues. At the end of the event we viewed the pictures, videos and decided the winning team. The group all laughed at each others pictures and videos a quite a few of the participants said “this was crazy fun” and “great to get out of the training room”

Fluor Build-A-Bike Dallas Texas

Fluor hosted the Build-A-Bike ® program at the Hilton Loews Anatole in Dallas for the ENC (energy and chemical) segment of Fluor. Fluor is a FORTUNE 500 company that delivers engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance (EPCM), and project management services to governments and clients in diverse industries around the world. Clients value Fluor’s dependability, expertise, and safety to execute complex projects around the world. Karen and Gail are the event planners for Fluor, they were instrumental in choosing the judges and they stayed to be a part of the event. When the bike building started, it was again stressed that it was not a competition, but rather a goal to build bikes. But it still became a competition as teams raced to see who could get done first.

The Build-A-Bike ® event teaches teamwork skills through a series of challenges which the teams are to complete. The tasks encourage the teams to think outside the box to come up with solutions. While they are learning to work efficiently as a team, the Fluor team were also having fun, the opening exercise is just what the group needed after a long day of meetings. The overall lesson is that everyone works together to reach the same goal, it is not possible to start building your bike until everyone has their parts. The group participated and worked well with each other, some of the teams quickly figured out that they would achieve their goal if they worked with other teams in the room, showing that Fluor is a great company with great people. In addition, The representative for the Boys & Girls Club spoke about a certain young man who went through the program and how he was now at NYU becoming an engineer. Mike, in HR for Fluor spoke with Reynaldo from the Boys & Girls Club and offered that young man an internship with Fluor when he finished. The Fluor group treated the children to snacks while they waited to get their new bikes. The event was a success and Karen Bierman said that next time can we provide training wheels because some of the kids don’t know how to ride bikes yet and we want to make sure they have everything they need.

Kronos Incorporated Build-A-Bike in Dallas Texas

Kronos came to Dallas Texas for their annual meeting, they came from all over the United States and many had just met each other that day. Kronos Incorporated, Kronos was founded in 1977 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a U.S.-based multi-national workforce management software and services company headquartered in Chelmsford Massachusetts, USA and employing 3,200 people. Originally a manufacturer of time clocks, the majority of Kronos revenue is now derived from software and services. The company provides applications for workforce management; consulting, education, and support services to its customers.
014David Spear, the organizer for the team said that his group works very hard and he wants them to have fun but also open the lines of communication. The organizer didn’t tell the group of 70 what they would be doing, so when they walked into the room many of the comments were “I don’t know how to build a bike”. Build-A-Bike uses a series of challenges and activities to encourage team building. The activities are meant to be something of a caricature of behavior we can see in the workplace. The participants had a good time poking fun at themselves and each other as they moved through the exercises together. Alan Primeaux the senior manager, watched the activities from the back of the room. Alan was talked into becoming a judge for the activities and at the end he said “ this was perfectly facilitated and what fun. When we first started I noticed the frowning faces in the group but within 5 minutes of starting the activities the faces quickly changed to smiles and laughter”. The charity arrived and they noticed his badge and said “this is great; the YMCA is a huge client of ours”. As the kids ran into the room you could see the excitement in the group, one man said “team building that is fun and gives to kids, nothing better than that” another comment wasthis is the highlight of the meeting”

McKesson Corporation Build-a-Bike in Dallas, Texas

McKesson of Texas hosted The Build-a-Bike program, a team building event for 50 of their employees in their warehouse in Carrollton. McKesson has a long history in health care and a trusted provider of medical supplies and goods for more than 175 years is driven by a Shared Principles, known as ICARE. These principles unite all employees at McKesson and it shows, In addition to the Build-a-Bike event, the VP-Kala Patel and R.T. Hall and the folks at McKesson also purchased 8 back packs to hang from the handle bars of the new bikes for the eager recipients. The team building activities brought out the playful banter amongst the group, and when one team figured out a clue they scurried around to the other teams to share their findings. McKesson exhibits team work and that communication is vital within an organization, without it the consequences could be disastrous.

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas was the organization that we worked with in order to provide children in need with a new bike. When the children entered the room you could hear and see the sniffles in some of these folks as they watched the kids get their bikes and back packs. This warehouse was the perfect space for kids to try out the new bikes, one little girl didn’t know how to ride a bike and got a quick lesson from one of the men who built her bike.

Heartland Payment Systems Build-A-Bike in Dallas, Texas

Heartland Payment Systems of Plano, Texas, just outside of Dallas, hosted the Build-A-Bike program at The Cascades Event Center in The Colony, Texas for their first inaugural Product Integration Summit; the theme for 2012 is “Knowing Your Customers”. In 1997 Heartland Payment Systems opened its doors with a modest plan: to provide fair, honest and fully disclosed payments solutions to help businesses prosper. Today, they process more than 11 million transactions a day and over $80 billion a year. Big or small, each of our clients enjoys the same benefits, a real person who will answer the phone anytime there’s an issue and not hang up until it’s resolved. The group started the morning with a brief overview of the Summit then they came together for a series of exercises to get to know one another since many of them haven’t met prior to the summit.

Kent Raymer oversees the Plano, Texas office and along with Duane Greene the Technical Publications Manager they brought this summit together. We started the event in the morning and through a series of activities, clue solving and team work, they built bikes. The Build-A-Bike event teaches teamwork skills through a series of challenges which the teams are to complete. The tasks encourage the teams to think outside the box to come up with solutions. While they are learning to work efficiently as a team employees were also having fun. The overall lesson is that everyone works together to reach the same goal. The event was too early to have the children accept the bikes so before they broke for the day the charity representative and I went back to The Cascades Event Center. The representative with the YMCA spoke to the group about the organization. Then I introduced the children to the group, they were surprised as the kids came running in. Many photos taken, each team had a picture taken with the kid they built the bike for. The kids were riding their new bikes around the room, enjoying snacks and some of the parents of the children came to the event and there were some tears as the parents thanked them for the new bikes.

CenturyLink Build-A-Bike Dallas, Texas

CenturyLink of Colorado came to Texas for its EMG Summit at the DFW Airport Marriott in Irving, Texas. CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States and is recognized as a leader in the network services market by technology industry analyst firms. The company is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers. CenturyLink provides data, voice and managed services in local, national and select international markets through its high-quality advanced fiber-optic network and multiple data centers for businesses and consumers.

Jim Foy was the facilitator of the summit and he joined 4 others to be the judges for the event. The event was held during their reception hour before dinner so the group was very lively. The CenturyLink team is a very competitive group of upper management from their offices in Colorado and Louisiana.  There were obstacles along the way, like some teams received two seats, but no handlebars. One team had three sets of instructions, but no tires. Now what? Each team then had to work with other teams to get the right parts to complete the bikes. One team figured it out and went around to his group of 9 teams to inform them. At the end of the evening the YMCA representative came in to talk about the organization and the kids that were getting the bikes. Great comments from the group at the end, “This was outstanding, and the way you tied in the importance of communication was perfect”.

Mass Electric Build-A-Bike in Dallas Texas

Mass Electric Construction Co. is one of the nation’s premier electrical contractors. They are a leader in providing complex and large-scale electrical construction and maintenance services. Since Mass Electric focuses on an individual’s strengths and quality of the work, they hosted the Build-A-Bike program in Irving, Texas which is between Dallas and Ft Worth.

The group of 40 people had already had three days of training and as one participant said, “when I first walked in… I wasn’t so sure about this event” was it competitive enough for this group” It was. The way the groups were chosen were in line with what we live every day as a company, individual strengths. Not only was it fun, the fact that we were forced to complete a “team building” task and really work together for success and the end result helping someone else…so touching and rewarding.

This group had spent the last year as a company using the Strength Finder program to identify the strengths of each of the participants, so we customized the event to focus more on helping the group recognize the strengths in each other and better organize themselves into teams that collaborated better with each other. It was a blast, and the group appreciated the tailoring of the material to their specific needs.

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