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Allstate Charade Murder Mystery at Team Retreat in Bethlehem PA

Allstate Team Retreat in Bethlehem, PAThe attorneys of Allstate Insurance gathered for a team retreat in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at the Sands Resort and Casino. The coordinating attorney was seeking a fun and different activity to the end the day and reached out to The Leader’s Institute® for suggestions. We recommended a Creating a Team Culture workshop. Hmm… is this the kind of unique event filled with fun they were anticipating? Well yeah. However, we they had us add the Charade Murder Mystery option to the workshop for extra laughs.

Attorneys Trying the Solve a Crime that They All Witnessed

Suspects in Allstate Murder Mystery Being HandcuffedI arrived on the scene and set up my PowerPoint presentation at the front of the room. I then warmed up the group with some introductions and handed out worksheets for participants to complete. While I covered the first few items on the agenda, there were several seemingly rude interruptions from the group. People were talking aloud, coughing, getting out of their seats, leaving the room… I played my part and put on my annoyed face. One of the attorneys returned to the room creating a ruckus. She then fell to the floor and was instantly pronounced dead! The Charade Murder Mystery had begun!

After I revealed my true identity (International Crime Fighter), I had the group identify the six suspects. The group decided to handcuff the suspects for everyone’s protection. The question then became, “Who Dunnit?” Details regarding a murderer, victim, conspiring individuals, illegal activities, and more started to unravel as teams examined the clues, interrogated the suspects, and began their own investigations.

Perfect Ending to Team Retreat in Bethlehem, PA

So, “Who Dunnit?” Well, if you were not there then we cannot tell. Nevertheless, one definitive fact remained; the group had that fun-filled activity they were anticipating. However, during the interrogations, they were laughing their heads off. Lots of fun! For details about a team retreat in Bethlehem or Allentown, or for a program anywhere in Pennsylvania, visit our Team Building in Philadelphia, PA page!

Michelle Riklan is president of Riklan Resources and an instructor for The Leader’s Institute® in the Northeast region. She is based in Marlboro, NJ but she also teaches in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other Northeast cities.

Merck Gives Back with Philanthropic Team Building in Philly

Merck Build-A-Bike Philadelphia

Merck Gives Back-PhiladelphiaMerck Gives Back, a philanthropic team building event, is a fantastic success in Philadelphia, PA! Awesome things were happening in North Wales (Philadelphia,) Pennsylvania on August 24, 2016. At the end of the day, after employees had been in all-day informational/learning sessions (S&CMI Face-to-Face Meeting), they gathered in-house for a philanthropic team building event. The details of this event were not fully disclosed. As employees signed in and received their T-shirts that proudly stated “Merck Gives Back | Volunteer | Contribute | Connect”, they were introduced to The Leader’s Institute’s ® Trainer, Michelle Riklan by Mary McKay, Associate Director of Innovation. Michelle had several interactive activities to warm up the group of 65 employees including a boisterous exercise in co-worker appreciation, a memory enhancer to improve relations and productivity, and a “ball roll” which worked well to develop roles within the teams and better strategic thinking skills.

Merck Gives Back Philanthropic Team Building Event

The room was filled with enthusiasm and laughter. The employees were then further challenged to define their individual teams and work together to solve the problems needed to acquire pieces for the bike build. After a lot of laughter, a little frustration, and a better awareness of how to work together, 10 bicycles were assembled, safety inspected and ready to go.

The real excitement came when Mary then introduced a representative from the YMCA who talked about their scholarship program for children in need. All bicycles were donated to this cause and a few lucky children from the program were not only onsite to receive the bikes, but allowed to pick the ones that they wanted! Smiling and grateful faces ended the day for the S&CMI group. Merck truly had a full day of “Giving Back”.

Golf Team Building Event for Depuy Synthes in Philadelphia

Team Building Event for Depuy SynthesA fun Ace Race ® golf team building event for Depuy Synthes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On June 14, 2016, Johnson & Johnson’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania location for Depuy Synthes held a high-energy, engaging after-hours golf team building event with a philanthropic twist. The event was planned and coordinated between the Customer Support Supervisor at Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.; the Depuy Synthes Evaluations-Trauma/CMF Supervisor in Colorado; the Depuy Synthes’ customer service supervisor; and Michelle Riklan, National Instructor for The Leader’s Institute ®. Michelle arrived on the scene with tons of “interesting items” including golf greens, holes, putts, art supplies, cans of food, and boxes of non-perishable food items. The teams were broken up and mixed so individuals who did not know each other as well had opportunity to work with each other. We had six teams of approximately five participants. The teams worked together, cheered each other on, created interesting markers for their individual greens and then each team built a mini-golf hole out of the supplied food. At the end, we had a competitive miniature golf course and the teams competed to get through the course with hole-in-ones. It was a noisy event! Lots of laughter, lots of cheering.

A Fun Golf Team Building Event for Depuy Synthes in Philadelphia.

All food was donated to a local food bank chosen by Johnson & Johnson. The Leader’s Institute ® received positive feedback stating that the event was “FANTASTIC!” and very well received by all participants.

If you are interested in a fun and competitive team building activity like the Ace Race ®, call us toll-free at (800) 872-7830 for details. Or, if you are in the healthcare industry, contact The Leader’s Institute ® for Healthcare (https://www.tlihealthcare.com) at (800) 872-7830 x109, and one of our healthcare specialists can help you!

Every Day Health, Inc., Team Building Event in Philadelphia, PA

Every-Day-Health-Build-A-Bike-Philadelphia2Every Day Health, Inc., a leading provider of digital health and wellness solutions was looking for a fun, team building event in Philadelphia, PA for their inaugural sales meeting. Their mission was to assist employees, some who were getting together for the first time, to get to know each other better and to develop relationships. A Senior VP of Market Solutions at Everyday Health Inc. contacted The Leader’s Institute ® and was instrumental in organizing the event at the Westin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Doors to the event room were kept closed until the participants who were coming from a meeting were allowed to enter. The activities were a complete surprise and employees were kept in the dark about what would ensue for the next 2 hours until the very last minute. When the event started, though, all participants had ample opportunity to get to know each other better through revealing, fun-filled, facilitated activities. They were then broken out into pre-planned teams and some serious and stiff competition took place to see which team was the most spirited.

At the end of the event and after working together to assemble 8 children’s bicycles, The Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia arrived with 8 lucky children who were being rewarded for good behavior and efforts and were able to ride out with brand new bicycles and big smiles.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia provide a safe place to learn and grow; ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals; life-enhancing programs and character development experiences; and hope and opportunity for thousands of Philadelphia youth each year

Merck Chooses Fun Build-A-Bike Team Event Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Over 50 employees Merck and Co., Inc., a  leader in health care products (this group is responsible for a live bacteria measles vaccination) came together for a Build-A-Bike Team Building Event at the historic William Penn Inn in Gwynedd Pennsylvania near Philadelphia,  to build and donate 8 bikes to children from the Tutoring Center in Lansdale.  The event was a lot of fun and this progressive and innovated group of union supervisors and quality control engineers were very involved and participative in every aspect of the event. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of joking and even some learning as they joined teams and accomplished the tasks given. In the end the participants had fun and the Tutoring Center brought in the children that would be receiving the bikes. Amidst the fun and learning was a great feeling that an important contribution to children, their families and communities they live in had been made.


Throughout the event there is opportunity for the groups to work together in their particular teams as well with other teams to complete the tasks and build the bikes. Often times the teams try to complete the job without help, but in this case the activities are designed so that to accomplish what needs to be done each team really needs to work with other teams. In the regular work-a-day world this is often the case. We get so busy doing our tasks that we suffer through it even though asking for help may be more expedient.  We are reluctant to ask for help for many reasons and most of the time those reasons aren’t reasonable. Another common occurrence is that we have an answer or solution someone else may need, but we are reluctant to share because it might take time, or we feel threatened or, whatever reason. But the best thing for the company is for each team and each member to ask for help when needed and offer help when available.


This was a  great and innovative team from Merck that accomplished the tasks, had fun and worked very well together. The benefit was not only to them in completing the job, but in the great contribution to the children from The Tutoring Center. Thanks, Merck, for a great Build-A-Bike Team Building Event.

Interested in a Team Building Event of Your Own?

Below are a Few Additional Philadelphia Area Team Building Events

  • Public Speaking Class Participants Sell Their Message in Fearless Presentations in Baltimore Public speaking class participants from around the Greater Washington area came to the Fearless Presentations (R) seminar in Baltimore to improve their ability to sell their message. Every time you speak in public you have a goal for that presentation. In the Baltimore Fearless Presentations (R) class there were many goals.
  • Merck Gives Back with Philanthropic Team Building in Philly Merck Gives Back, a philanthropic team building event, is a fantastic success in Philadelphia, PA! Awesome things were happening in North Wales (Philadelphia,) Pennsylvania on August 24, 2016. At the end of the day, after employees had been in all-day informational/learning sessions (S&CMI Face-to-Face Meeting), they gathered in-house for a philanthropic team building event. The ...
  • Ogilvy CommonHealth Build-A-Bike in Philadelphia, PA Ogilvy CommonHealth Build-A-Bike ® team building activity in Philadelphia, PA for their client, Pfizer. Back in October, Ogilvy CommonHealth arranged for a bike team building event for their client, Pfizer. This event took place at the Hilton Garden Inn at Valley Forge/Oaks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide provides marketing services, analytics, and wellness promotion. ...
  • Alcoa Build-A-Bike in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Alcoa included a Build-A-Bike ® team building event in their annual Best Practices conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week. They wanted to give the participants a fun, energetic team building experience that included an element of philanthropy. Alcoa is the world’s leading producer of primary aluminum and fabricated aluminum, as well as the world’s largest ...
  • American Textile Company Hosts Build-A-Bike near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The American Textile Company decided to host a Build-A-Bike® Team Building Workshop to kick-off a 3-Year Strategic initiative they wanted to launch.  The event took place adjacent to their company headquarters in Duquesne, Pennsylvania, which is located a few miles Southeast from downtown Pittsburgh.  The uniqueness of the location is that their headquarters are located ...

Public Speaking Class Helps Presenters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Public speaking class helps presenters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Leader’s Institute® recently held its public speaking class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a group of 12 very capable presenters.

In this 2-day public speaking class, participants get up in front of the group to practice different activities, culminating in a final presentation at the end of day two. Nearly all of the participants commented that they get nervous when they present. The class is designed to give participants tools to overcome the fear of public speaking and take their presentations to the next level. Even when participants felt nervous, the other class members agreed that they did not appear nervous. They all left the class with a lot of ways to overcome public speaking anxiety, and had a great time in the process.

Whether you are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or any other city in the U.S. and Canada, the Leader’s Institute® regularly holds its public speaking class year-round.

For a Complete List of Upcoming Classes, Visit the upcoming presentation skills classes post. You can can click here for details about the Fearless Presentations ® class.

Neuronetics includes Ace Race Team Building Workshop in their Annual Sales Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Neuronetics recently included an Ace Race team building workshop in their annual Sales Conference in Philadelphia, PA. The workshop involved 40 of their salespeople from all over the US. Neuronetics, Inc. is a privately held medical device company focused on developing non-invasive therapies for psychiatric and neurological disorders using MRI-strength magnetic field pulses. The company incorporated in 2003 and works around the country. This event was for their sales force and involved about 40 people.

The Ace Race team building event began with a couple of quick warm-up activities that get at some of the fundamentals of good team communication. The group shared a lot of laughs and the competitive spirit was high! Moving into the golf team activity itself, each small group created a mini putting green for themselves using non-perishable goods. Each green had a unique design and some included very tricky obstacles! All of the teams then had a race to see which team could get around the entire course first, making a hole-in-one on each hole.

Sales people tend to be fairly high-energy as it is, and this group was no exception! There was a lot of laughter and cheering as they created and then played their course. At the end of the event, they invited Philabundance, a local hunger relief organization that serves nine counties in the Delaware Valley and is connected to the national organization, Feeding America. A representative from Philabundance came to the event and spoke to the group about their work and the impact that the donation of nearly a quarter-ton of food will have in their communities.

“Everyone had a blast!  Thank you so much! It was a great event! What a perfect was to wind down an intense week together!”Beth Wilkins, Neuronetics

Team building workshops that are composed of activities that have a point, coupled with a lot of fun and the opportunity to give back to the community are a great way to get people having fun together. Consider including an Ace Race Golf Team Building Event in your next conference and give your team a memorable experience!

August and September Fearless Presentation Classes

Upcoming Public Speaking Classes

Fearless Presentations ClassThe Fearless Presentations® Public Speaking Class is the fastest, easiest way to reduce stage fright and the fear of public speaking. This 2-day presentation training seminar helps participants gain poise and confidence in front of a group — fast! Stage Fright is still the #1 fear in America. And, right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the confidence that we show when we deliver business presentations. A person who can stand in front of a group, with poise and confidence, can immediately create the perception of competency. However, a person who is shy and timid in front of a group will have a tough time convincing the audience that he is capable.

August and September Fearless Presentations® Public Speaking Classes

  • 2011 Aug 11-12 Indianapolis IN
  • 2011 Aug 15-16 Dallas TX
  • 2011 Aug 18-19 Miami FL
  • 2011 Aug 23-24 Boston MA
  • 2011 Aug 25-26 Baltimore MD
  • 2011 Aug 25-26 Philadelphia PA
  • 2011 Aug 30-31 Seattle WA
  • 2011 Sept 8-9 Columbus OH
  • 2011 Sept 13-14 Chicago IL
  • 2011 Sept 15-16 New York NY
  • 2011 Sept 20-21 San Diego CA
  • 2011 Sept 22-23 San Francisco CA
  • 2011 Sept 27-28 Austin TX
  • 2011 Sept 29-30 Orlando FL

Click and of the links above for details about or to register for any of these public speaking seminars.

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