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Connie Timpson  |  February 26, 2012
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Texans Can! worked to  Create A Team Culture, learned how to communicate better, and shared some inner beliefs in Fort Worth, Texas.  Texans Can! is a unique approach to learning and teaching.  The kids you might call dropouts and others call “push-outs” from the regular public school system, seem to do better in this more personal, open environment.

When the public school system and the student having a tough time, creating a workable structure for learning, Texans Can! swings open its doors.  It is a different approach, one that works with the students’ reality, and his or her needs. The goal of these educators is picture-perfect – excite the kids, that others gave up on, about learning.  Help them pick up the lessons they missed out on, and make them want to graduate.  And it works.

Texans Can! Teachers in Fort Worth, Texas Learn How To Create a Team Culture

On this day the teachers and administrators were also students, when they conducted a Creating a Team Culture Team Building Workshop.  Although all are well educated and accomplished, they recognize the need for team building and training.  In this interactive learning setting, they worked together as partners, as a large group, and explore areas they have just been too busy to think about.  One of my favorite parts of this event is how we close the training. 

In small groups, every person listens while someone else gives them a strength-centered compliment. That may not sound like a cure for anything really important, but it is.  In many cases, it is soul mending.  To hear other people say nice things about you, based on an action they have observed you taking is totally empowering.  A few people reached for a tissue and others blinked away something that had gotten into their eyes.  They all walked out with a little lighter step.

If you want information about how your team can organize a “workshop to create a team culture,” click this link. For a list of all of the great team building in Fort Worth, click here.

The Vice President of Education, Yolanda Cruz, told me after the event, that the session was extraordinary, and the last part of the day brought a tear to her eye as well.

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