Allworth Financial Build-A-Bike® Event Near Dallas, TX

Chad Davis  |  May 4, 2024
Allworth Financial Build-A-Bike® Event Near Dallas, TX

Allworth Financial held a Build-A-Bike® charity team building event at the Renaissance Hotel Legacy West in Plano, TX. This event brought together 150 employees under the theme “Together We Grow.” This theme resonates deeply with Allworth’s commitment to personalized client education and service. Additionally, the event also celebrated the firm’s longstanding partnership with CASA Tarrant County. In fact, this is a local charity organization with whom many team members have personally volunteered.

For over three decades, Allworth Financial has been providing education-based financial guidance nationwide. Their services include investment management, estate planning, Social Security strategies, tax planning, and retirement preparation. Allworth’s approach is recognized for its focus on providing clients with clear, insightful, and tailored financial advice. Over all, they work to ensure that every client feels well informed and confidently prepared for their financial future.

Allworth Financial champions community spirit at Build-A-Bike® event near Dallas, Texas

The Build-A-Bike® event exemplified the precision and care that Allworth Financial instills in its everyday business. The attendees’ attention to detail was evident as they efficiently and skillfully assembled bicycles. This meticulousness not only ensured that the bikes were constructed well but also reflected the firm’s dedication to quality and excellence in every endeavor.

The heartfelt stories shared by the participants about their volunteer work with CASA highlighted the close connection between Allworth Financial and the charity. These personal experiences brought an added layer of significance to the event, enhancing the team’s enthusiasm and commitment to the cause.

In the end, the high-quality bicycles assembled during the event were donated to CASA Tarrant County. This donation will directly benefit the children served by CASA, providing them with a means of transportation and the joy that comes with owning a bike. The event was not only a team building success but also a meaningful contribution to the community, reinforcing Allworth Financial’s ethos of growth and generosity.

We are grateful to Allworth Financial for their spirited participation and dedication to making a positive impact in the community. CASA Tarrant County deeply appreciates the donation, which will surely make a significant difference in the lives of many children.

Ready to build teamwork and support your community? Consider organizing a charity team building event in Dallas, TX!

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