Nationwide Insurance Build-A-Bike in Columbus, Ohio

ellenpatnaude  |  November 9, 2012
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Nationwide Fun Bike Team Building in ColumbusNationwide Insurance included a Build-A-Bike ® team building event in their recent conference in Columbus, Ohio. The conference was a Leadership Summit and the 80 participants had spent the day leading up to the Build-A-Bike ® workshop in intense sessions.

They were ready for an interactive exercise where they could move around and have some fun! Over the last 80 years, Nationwide has grown from a small mutual auto insurer owned by policyholders to one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, with more than $135 billion in statutory assets. Columbus has been home to Nationwide from the beginning. Their corporate headquarters houses 10,000 associates in various fields of expertise.

Nationwide Builds 12 Bikes and Donates them to the Boys and Girls Club.

Build-A-Bike ® is a high-energy activity that uses a series of activities and exercises to get people to interact, play and compete with each other. Each exercise builds on the previous one, and teams get some gentle reminders of the importance of cheering each other’s successes, sharing information and materials, and communicating clearly. The Nationwide team was a very energetic and creative group! They met all of the challenges with enthusiasm and played hard. Once it became clear that working together was the way to be successful, they jumped right in and helped each other out without hesitation.

They donated the 12 bikes built in the event to a local Boys and Girls Club in Columbus. The participants had no idea that the kids were going to come to the event! The workshop’s meaning was made even stronger for the participants when the kids walked through the doors.

“Ellen had so much energy in her facilitation! The activity was exactly what the group needed. Everyone had a great time!” — Stacy Moeller, Nationwide

Teams that play together often work harder and more effectively together. Consider including a Build-a-Bike ® team building workshop in your next conference as a great way to give your team that opportunity.

If you want information about how your team can organize a “bicycle building team event” click this link. For a list of all of the fun team building events and Columbus, OH, click here.

It will create a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone.

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Ellen Patnaude is an instructor for The Leader's Institute ® and president of LeadQuine. She is based in the Detroit, Michigan Region. She is a specialist in team building events and presentation skills seminars.
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