Nike Hosts Build-A-Bike Team Building Event In Portland, Oregon

Lisarezac  |  March 19, 2013
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Nike Build-A-Bike Over Thirty Nike employees participated in a Build-A-Bike ® team building event in Portland, Oregon.  The Lean Business Enablement group operates under the Nike Technology umbrella. The group got together during their strategy meeting to have some fun and build some bikes.  As they embark on their new fiscal year, it was time to get together to strategize and plan for the upcoming year.  The group is made up of the four Centers of Excellence (Lean, Project Management, Transition Management and Portfolio Deliver) which service Nike, Inc. The goal for the event was to learn a little about team building and group collaboration.  They wanted the team to have a new understanding of inter-dependency and how they can make that relationship stronger.

Lean Business Enablement Group builds bikes and learns about teamwork in Portland, OR

The group was game to jump right in and find out what this “team building” event was all about.  Typically, the participants think there is something to win and come in with their competitive hats on. I tell them it’s not a competition, to which they all usually “boo!” in unison.  There are aspects about the program that can be considered competitive, but winning is not the objective. This just shows how inherently competitive people are. Regardless of what task you put in front of people, everyone wants to win. They’ll do whatever it takes to do so.  We get to see how this sense of competition undermines the communication. The Nike employees came from the project management and efficiency side of the business. Naturally, they were quick to realize they must work together to build their bikes.

The Lean Group certainly got it together and built 6 beautiful bikes that they donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukie.  The children were bouncing in their seats as they waited to enter the room.  The Nike employees did not know the children were coming in to receive their bikes and were thrilled and surprised as they came scrambling in.  Nike employees all enjoy physical activity and know the importance of it for people’s health and happiness.  By participating in the Build a Bike they were able to guarantee that 6 lucky boys and girls would also understand the joy of exercise on their very own bikes!

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