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Nike Hosts Build-A-Bike Team Building Event In Portland, Oregon

Over Thirty Nike employees participated in a Build-A-Bike ® team building event in Portland, Oregon.  The Lean Business Enablement group under the Nike Technology umbrella got together during their strategizing meeting to have some fun and build some bikes.  As they embark on their new fiscal year it was time to get together and strategize and plan for the upcoming year.  The group is made up of the four Centers of Excellence (Lean, Project Management, Transition Management and Portfolio Deliver) which service Nike, Inc.  The goal for the event was to learn a little about team building and group collaboration.  They wanted the team to have a new understanding of the inter-dependency of the teams and how they can make that relationship stronger.


The group was game to jump right in and find out what this “team building” event was all about.  Typically the participants all think that there is something to win and come in with their competitive hats on.  I tell them it is not a competition to which they all usually boo in unison.  There are aspects about the program that can be considered competitive but there really truly is nothing to win.  This just shows how inherently competitive people are.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of a task you put in front of people, everyone wants to win and does whatever it takes to do so.  We get to see how this sense of competition undermines the communication.  Coming from the project management and efficiency side of the spectrum, the Nike employees were quick to realize that they must work together to get their parts and build their bikes.


The Lean Group certainly got it together and built 6 beautiful bikes that were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukie.  The children were bouncing in their seats as they waited to enter the room.  The Nike employees did not know the children were coming in to receive their bikes and were thrilled and surprised as they came scrambling in.  Nike employees all enjoy physical activity and know the importance of it for people’s health and happiness.  By participating in the Build a Bike they were able to guarantee that 6 lucky boys and girls would also understand the joy of exercise on their very own bikes!

Alacrity Services Fosters Teamwork with Build-A-Bike Event in Portland, Oregon

Alacrity Services wanted to host a memorable event that would help them improve teamwork within the company so they decided to participate in the Build-A-Bike® team building event. Alacrity  is a high performance insurance services company that manages an extensive contractor network and claims management systems.  Many of the third party insurance company’s employees work from their homes so many had never met face to face before the event.  The main goals for Alacrity Services were to improve leadership skills and teamwork while having a fun and memorable event.  The Build-A-Bike® team building event helped the Alacrity employees see first hand how their team or department is connected to and affects the entire company despite the distance that separates them.

Even though many of the participants had never participated in anything like the Build-A-Bike® team building event they were very enthusiastic and eager to dive into the challenges of the program.  The participants were broken down into teams and this ignited their competitive spirit.  Eager to complete the tasks at hand and be the first to “win” they failed to see how going beyond their small teams would be the most effective use of their efforts.  Like their name suggests, it did not take them long to work together and build their bikes in record time.

The employees had to work on their teamwork and leadership skills to receive all the materials they needed to build their bicycles. Alacrity Services wound up building 8 bikes that were donated to lucky children from the Boys and Girls Club of Portland. The charitable nature of the Build-A-Bike ® team building event goes to reinforce one of the programs main ideas that all parts of a group can dramatically affect the outcome. Whether that means departments working together to accomplish company goals or people helping others’ within their community so everyone has the same opportunities.

At the close of the event after the children had arrived to receive their bikes, a participant was asked to comment on the team building event.  He was unable to do so because he was so moved by the children’s gratitude.  Thank you Alacrity Services for creating a truly memorable event!

Interested in a Team Building Event of Your Own?

Below are a Few Additional West Coast Team Building Events

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Maxim Healthcare Team Building Events Benefit Kids in Chicago, Portland and Raleigh

Maxim Healthcare Build-A-Bike® Team Building Events Benefit Kids in Chicago, IL, Portland, OR and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Maxim employees from three regions met on three different occasions to experience a Build-A-Bike Team Building Event. The meetings were help in Chicago, Portland and Raleigh and as a result a total of 70 new bicycles were given to children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of those areas. The events were fast paced and action filled as the teams in the different cities took part in several different activities that resulted in the building of the bikes. Nearly 500 Maxim employees from across the country took part in the fun construction project. The events were held in consecutive weeks; first in Chicago, Illinois followed by Portland, Oregon and finally in Raleigh, North Carolina. By the final event everyone involved had had a wonderful experience and contributed to the communities where the events were held.

There is a real benefit to having different locations participate in the same activity, like a Build-A-Bike Event. Even though they work in different regions and don’t interact on a regular basis, it gives the entire company a common experience. Now these 500 employees have a common bond that each can share with each other when they work together, or even meet on a passing basis. The common experience helps build the camaraderie in the specific region, but also across the country. Just knowing that company wide, employees have had the same fun and giving activity, helps build a corporate spirit. Not only was the event a fun time, a learning experience, but also a benevolent contribution to children, their families and the communities they live in. This shared company-wide experience has a positive effect that goes beyond the immediate participants, beyond the children, but to an esprit do corps that has long ranging positive repercussions beyond the physical locations.

Congratulations to Maxim for a far reaching event. Their offering of the Build-A-Bike Team Building Event was a great decision, a great experience and a great company building occasion.

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