Sanara MedTech Build-A-Bike® Event in Fort Worth, TX

Chad Davis  |  June 12, 2024
Sanara MedTech Build-A-Bike® Event in Fort Worth, TX

Sanara MedTech Inc. hosted a Build-A-Bike® charity team building event at Hotel Drover in Fort Worth, TX, for 90 participants. The event not only enhanced team cohesion and communication, though. It also brought joy to twelve special children from the East Side Boys & Girls Club. The company’s generosity and community spirit were on full display as they created a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Sanara MedTech Inc. is dedicated to improving patient outcomes with evidence-based healing solutions, developing, marketing, and distributing surgical, wound care, and skin care products to various healthcare settings. Their products, including CellerateRX® Surgical Activated Collagen® Powder and BIAKŌS™ Antimicrobial Skin and Wound Cleanser, are focused on providing efficacious outcomes at a lower overall cost. Sanara MedTech operates primarily in the North American advanced wound care and surgical tissue repair markets.

Sanara MedTech employees build bikes for charity in Fort Worth, Texas

The Build-A-Bike® event at Hotel Drover provided an excellent opportunity for Sanara MedTech employees to bond and work together outside of their usual professional setting. Teams were formed to assemble bicycles, fostering collaboration and teamwork. The excitement was palpable as participants worked diligently, knowing their efforts would directly benefit local children.

The event featured a special treat for twelve children from the East Side Boys & Girls Club. They received new bikes and helmets. They were treated to an elaborate spread of carnival-style food, drinks, and goodie bags while waiting to meet the individuals building their new bikes. The children’s smiles and excitement added a heartwarming element to the event. Thus, making it a day to remember for all involved.

Sanara MedTech’s commitment to the community was evident through their efforts to create a joyful and impactful experience. The event didn’t just strengthen team bonds. It also left a lasting impression on the children who felt the love and generosity extended to them.

We give a big thank you to Sanara MedTech Inc. for their generous contribution to the East Side Boys & Girls Club. Their dedication to improving lives both through their products and community engagement is truly inspiring.

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