Eaton Rescue Bear® Event in Dallas, Texas

Chad Davis  |  May 23, 2024
Eaton Rescue Bear® Event in Dallas, Texas

Eaton hosted a Rescue Bear® charity team building event at the Westin DFW Airport in Irving, TX. With 250 participants, this event followed a full day of meetings. It allowed Eaton employees to engage in a community service project. The bears created during the event were donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD). Thus, reflecting Eaton’s commitment to community support and engagement.

Eaton is an intelligent power management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment globally. The company operates sustainably and helps customers manage power efficiently, capitalizing on global trends in electrification and digitalization. By accelerating the planet’s transition to renewable energy, Eaton addresses urgent power management challenges and fosters a sustainable future.

Eaton Employees Unite for Rescue Bear® Event in Dallas, Texas

The Rescue Bear® event provided Eaton employees with an opportunity to combine community service with team building. Held at the Westin DFW Airport, the event brought together 250 participants after a day of intensive meetings. The focus was on creating huggable teddy bears for children at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD), emphasizing teamwork, meticulous craftsmanship, and a spirit of competition.

During the event, teams were formed based on individual strengths, enabling participants to engage in creative problem-solving challenges. For each challenge won, teams earned materials needed to build the bears. The competitive nature of Eaton employees shone through as they meticulously crafted their bears, ensuring each one was perfect for the children who would receive them. The activity not only fostered a sense of unity and collaboration but also highlighted Eaton’s dedication to operating sustainably and supporting local communities.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Eaton for their generous contributions to the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. Their commitment to community service and teamwork made this event a remarkable success.

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